Today, the pipeline of new therapies — including monoclonal antibodies, antibody fragments and cell and gene therapies — demands new methods and real-time analytics for process efficiency and predictability. How quickly and effectively can you deliver breakthrough, high-quality new therapies to market?

While advancements in the biopharma research and development (R&D) cycle exist, a new therapy can still take 10 to 12 years to progress from discovery to launch.

Disconnected processes, supply chain inefficiencies and manufacturing quality issues add to the complexity of accelerating life-saving treatments. Success depends on the ability to connect and collaborate in a single ecosystem.

To get to market first, biopharma companies need a digital backbone that bridges knowledge, quality and speed across the product lifecycle. Thanks to end-to-end collaboration through Dassault Systèmes’ solutions and the virtual twin experience on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, companies can now deliver new treatments faster and more effectively. 


Collaborate for Intelligence

Are your scientists repeating 30 to 50% of the lab work because there’s no traceable knowledge from previous experiments? Through a connected digital backbone and the virtual twin, scientists can reuse 80% of lab experiments and compare results quickly and effectively instead of duplicating previously done work.

In the race to market, there’s no room for bottlenecks. With digital test methods, scientists can work together to consider improvements at any point. For example, they can assess the likelihood of changes against other test methods in the past, evaluate the impact of changes downstream, and verify virtually to make it better in the real world.

Follow the Collaborative Pathway

Here’s how to forge digital collaboration between development, tech transfer and manufacturing stages.

Optimize for Traceability

How quickly can your scientists provide evidence of how a batch was produced? Searching through disparate records, systems and paper documents takes up unnecessary resources and leads to delays, errors and rework. This inefficiency can cause a breakdown in the chain of evidence between what was produced and how it was produced.

As a result, data traceability is a critical component of a digitally connected backbone. Thanks to the integration of data and processes, companies can:

  • Gain an end-to-end view across the product lifecycle
  • Attain complete traceability into the right recipes, methods and specifications
  • Reduce deviations and risks through an accurate chain of evidence
  • Boost the performance of tech transfer without costly delays

Reimagine for Quality

Did you know that stronger collaboration between manufacturing operations and development laboratories through a digital backbone can reduce time to market by 20 to 35 months?

With digitalized quality control, leaders can produce new therapies reliably and consistently while meeting quality and compliance standards. That’s not all. By managing variables and identifying interdependencies with a single platform, leaders can improve test methods and specifications, save R&D cycle time and optimize manufacturing lines to handle variations.

Fast Track Novel Therapies for Greater Patient Outcomes

The biopharmaceutical industry is evolving rapidly, and success hinges on bridging knowledge, speed and quality through a digital backbone. Combining Dassault Systèmes’ solutions, the virtual twin and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform will enable biopharma leaders to eliminate risks and prevent drug shortages.

Improved efficiencies can significantly shorten development and manufacturing timelines, which translates into substantial cost savings. Ultimately, a connected digital backbone empowers biopharma leaders to drive innovation, optimize processes, and stay ahead in the race to bring novel therapies to market.

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