Circularity in Action

It's time for real results. When you embrace the 3DEXPERIENCE®, you take a huge, meaningful step toward the circular economy you've been envisioning.

Battery Traceability: Sustainability's Game Changer
Discover the pivotal role of battery traceability in shaping a low-carbon future with the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.
From Insight to Impact: Accelerating Sustainable Materials Innovation
How do we unlock the potential of materials for a low-carbon future? Turn insights into real-world solutions with a digital platform advantage.
Data Centers: The Greenprint for Better Energy Efficiency
Leverage the virtual twin experience to optimize all sustainable data center innovation strategies and achieve energy-efficient outcomes.

Enabling our clients to solve the biggest challenges

Developing new products, new processes, sometimes new business models, is the biggest challenge to stay on track with sustainability imperatives. It also represents the biggest business opportunities for all industries today.

Decarbonization involves reducing carbon dioxide emissions by utilizing low-carbon energy sources to decrease the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
Circular Economy
The circular economy is gaining significant traction as a sustainable approach to resource management. Embracing principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling, the circular economy aims to minimize waste and maximize the lifespan of products, materials, and resources.
Sustainable Production
Sustainable Production involves making products and services with processes that are eco-friendly, resource-efficient, economically sound, and safe for workers, communities, and consumers.
Energy Use
How to move to a next-generation energy landscape

Sustainable Makeover

Explore our projects to reimagine how to transform your business by integrating product innovation with sustainable design practices and reduce carbon footprint.

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The critical role of Virtual Twins

Discover how Virtual Twin technologies are the most disruptive and efficient answers to help you rethink your products, processes and even business models to realize radically new sustainable innovations.

Our technology

Our technology portfolio will continue to enable our customers from all industries achieve radically new products, materials and processes needed to create a more sustainable economy.

How our customers have realized sustainable innovations

Discover how leading companies are using our 3DEXPERIENCE virtual universes to imagine, design, and test the radically new products, materials, and processes critically needed to create a more sustainable economy.

Our Sustainability Commitment

Sustainability is at the heart of Dassault Systèmes’ Corporate Purpose: to provide business and people with 3DEXPERIENCE universes to imagine sustainable innovations capable of harmonizing product, nature and life.

What role does digital technology play in tackling climate change?

Discover the role of virtual twin in driving sustainable innovation and how Dassault Systèmes is directly involved in reinventing a more sustainable economy.


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