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Find sustainable solutions to safeguard the planet’s resources

Climate change has highlighted the need for Infrastructure,Energy & Materials companies to reduce their impact on the planet. Mining and Oil & Gas companies are under pressure to find more planet-friendly ways to extract valuable resources. In parallel, the deposit of much-needed resources are also fading, companies across the industry must find more sustainable ways to find, produce, reuse and recycle them. 


To safeguard the planet and its resources and ensure a competitive future, businesses need to harness renewable energy, reduce carbon emissions, and diversify towards areas with less environmental impact.


Future-proof the business and the environment by:


Harness data-driven insights for sustainable innovation

By harnessing their data to model and test products and processes, Infrastructure,Energy & Materials companies can identify more sustainable and efficient ways of doing business.


Companies can use the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to develop and test new ideas with accurate assessments of how any changes will improve their environmental and economic performance. Using integrated data from across the enterprise, the platform enables you to plan, manage and ensure traceability of environmental performance across the entire product or process lifecycle. With regulatory requirements and corporate strategy goals factored in, you can identify and mitigate environmental risks, accurately target innovation efforts and demonstrate your environmental impact to regulators and stakeholders.


Crucially, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables partners from multiple disciplines to work together on a single virtual model to develop and test greener products and processes before they commit to a physical build. By incorporating supply chain partners in the process, you can maximize efficiency and reduce energy consumption throughout the project lifecycle, optimizing sustainability and environmental performance.

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