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Make sure sustainability performance meets society’s expectations

Infrastructure, Energy & Materials companies are under pressure to prove their sustainability credentials to people in and outside the organization. Citizens and consumers are keenly aware of environment and human rights issues and they expect companies to account for sustainability in their business models. While among the workforce, as older generations of workers retire, they are being replaced by tech-savvy millennials who have increasingly high expectations of companies’ corporate social responsibility practices.


To satisfy Society’s expectations, companies must continually demonstrate their products and operations enhance the environments and communities they operate in. At the same  time, they need to ensure that the products and services they produce will perform to rigorous standards.


Maintain momentum on sustainability by:


A digital platform to support sustainability commitments

Infrastructure, Energy & Materials organizations can leverage the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to integrate data and build a virtual twin that provides insights across the enterprise. Using this model, you can streamline management and decision-making, and gain early awareness and full traceability of environmental and sustainability impacts. Modeling the entire partner ecosystem brings better visibility and control throughout the product lifecycle, so you can support green product development and factor in sustainability targets such as energy savings throughout the supply chain.


The same technology can be used to equip the new generations of talent with the digital tools they expect in the workplace. By streamlining work processes, maximizing the use of data and leveraging automation, you can empower people to work smarter and position the organization to attract and retain the next generation of innovators.

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