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Aging Infrastructures

With 55% of the current world’s population – 4.2 billion inhabitants – living in cities, and this number expected to more than double by 2050, creating new and revitalized infrastructure is imperative to meet citizens’ needs and economic growth demands. Stakeholders are therefore looking to collaborate better to align with one another from the inception of a project and throughout its lifecycle to ensure deadlines are met and performance objectives attained. 


Asset Lifecycle Costs

Over 80% of the lifecycle cost of a project is in operations leaving less than 20% to planning, design and construction.  Project participants are therefore looking to gain greater insight and control to improve operations and maintenance costs. If more time is spent not just to improve delivery but also to design for operations, the return on the investment is exponential. Starting with the end in mind requires better integration from the project’s inception.   


Collaborative Contracting

Owners are moving to more collaborative agreements and operating models such as integrated project delivery (IPD) or project alliances rather than traditional construction practices. Under these models of shared rist and reward, key partners (the Owner, Engineer or Architect, Manufacturers, and Contractors) are seeking to introduce better governance, visability and collaboration to work together earlier in the project,  from preplanning to develop the project scope, schedule, and budget, through design and into delivery to improve handover and lower the cost of operations. 


Sustainability, Health & Safety

Construction professionals are taking a "Safety First" position to minimize risk to project participants by changing equipment, tools, and processes to prevent occupational injuries or fatalities on the job-site. At the same time, climate change, aging assets, and increased urbanization are all driving the construction ecosystem to look at the impact they have during project delivery as well as the lifecycle of the project. Owners are therefore seeking means to ensure infrastructure resilience and safety in order to Increase focus on sustainability, health & safety during occupancy.


Budgets & Skills Shortages

Many skilled workers have left the workforce while others are reaching the age of retirement. With a deficit of young skilled workers ready to enter the industry, the result is an overstretched skilled workforce, project delays, and increased costs.  


Supply chain challenges are also driving the cost of materials up while limiting availability.  All of these are impacting both the delivery and maintenance of capital projects. The project ecosystem is therefore seeking out new ways of working and doing things that will enable them to do more with less.

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Infrastructure Projects: How Teamwork Ensures Alignment
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