Infrastructure Projects: How Teamwork Ensures Alignment

Ready to achieve successful and sustainable infrastructure? Connect stakeholders on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform to unlock a collaborative project delivery strategy from end to end.

Discover Teamwork Across the Project Timeline

Assuring capital project excellence and more sustainable infrastructure is no easy feat, especially in a landscape marked by project complexity and climate pressures. However, when infrastructure owners, engineers and contractors work together effectively across the five project stages, the possibilities are endless.

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Front-end Design


How well can you preplan an infrastructure project’s scope, schedule and budget? Learn how complete visibility on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform helps you predict design impacts confidently and validate a project’s viability early on.

Project Bidding


Want to ensure a standout bid? Leverage accurate insights and virtual twin-powered data continuity to assemble the right team with the right information to accomplish speedy and successful bid submissions.

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It’s time to surpass the conventional limitations of building information management (BIM). Discover how the virtual twin optimizes a design’s performance before construction and enables smarter and more innovative infrastructure planning.



Managing construction progress is challenging. How can you gain complete visibility over delays or changes while assuring safe and sustainable infrastructure? Powerful solutions on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform help you track on-site progress while minimizing waste.

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Operation and Maintenance


Expand your revenue, even after project delivery. Find out how live data insights allow you to provide excellent operation and maintenance services and position your firm as a reliable source of capital project expertise.

Redefine Collaboration for End-to-end Project Alignment

See how an integrated platform unites all stakeholder perspectives into a single winning strategy, enabling the delivery of strong and sustainable infrastructure.

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