Challenges faced by the Power Industry

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Optimizing Resources

Workforce turnover in the Power industry is creating a gap in terms of skills and know-how. Retiring experienced field workers along with increasing levels of automation are draining companies of employees capable of addressing any situation. Knowledge management, training and coaching are becoming strategic actvities to do more with less.

The Power Plan for a Smooth Energy Transition

Speed up the shift to clean energy for a brighter tomorrow.

Design Safer and Smarter Advanced Nuclear Reactors
Optimize the design of small modular reactors with the virtual twin experience.
Cultivate Offshore Wind Energy
Take hold of the opportunities in offshore wind with the virtual twin experience.
Scale up energy innovation for cleaner power generation
Accelerate the transformation of energy systems and make decentralized, low-carbon power generation a success
Deliver Low-Carbon Energy With Small Modular Reactors
Lower nuclear energy costs by scaling up affordable and configurable small modular reactors through a unified digital platform.

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