Challenges faced by the Chemicals Industry

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Skills Shortages

Labor force shortages due to a retiring workforce as well as the lack of experience of the newly hired are depriving the Chemical companies from addressing their ever-growing challenges. To mitigate these risks they need to retain the collective knowledge accumulated over the years and make it available not only to young professionals but also to globally distributed stakeholders.


CAPEX Decision-making

Accurately estimating the costs throughout a project lifecycle can contribute significantly to making informed business decisions. Enabling the Chemical companies to better analyze the total cost of ownership before executing engineering changes or revamping an existing plant helps them steer clear of risky investments.


Optimizing Operations

Accurate and real-time visibility of global production capabilities allows Chemical companies to efficiently leverage their overall production plan, resulting in on-budget and on-time delivery of projects and products with consistent quality.


Customer Requirements

Lean management concepts enable Chemical companies to transition from a business model of mass production to one that addresses individual customer needs with the ability to certify product compliance with requirements.

Accelerating Innovation to Market Chemicals

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