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Optimize Production and Productivity. In addition to supporting actors in both the Mining and Metals and Minerals industry segments, Dassault Systèmes solutions link both together to encompass the full value stream - from extraction to final product and delivery.

Challenges faced by the Metals & Minerals Industry

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Maintaining Profits

Volatile market prices and fluctuating demand are outside the control of metals and minerals producers. It therefore becomes mandatory to avoid common obstacles to profitability such as high inventory levels, poor delivery performance, low yield, and excessive waste. The ability to optimize and re-optimize processes and operations to meet demand achieves this by balancing production and enabling more nimbleness in the allocation of inputs and assets.

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Decarbonizing our world's building blocks

Process industries make up the modern world, but they are also responsible for around a fifth of global CO2 emissions. Digitalization can create a clear pathway to decarbonization.

Decarbonizing Steel
Steel manufacturing is one of the largest contributors to global carbon emissions. Digital solutions will be key in shifting towards green steel for a sustainable future.
Choosing the right material is critical when it comes to limiting the carbon footprint of a building; it is its entire lifecycle that experts must analyze and optimize.
Accelerating Sustainability in Mining and Metals
The new frontier in greener mining and metals will require digital transformation towards end-to-end sustainability.

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