I am the future of your workforce. What will it take to hire me?

I'm the next generation of the workforce. They call me a millennial, or gen Z, but don't label me. I’m highly skilled. I could be an engineer, a planner, a data scientist… or the right person for a job that doesn’t even exist yet. 

It will be digital natives like me who will take your industry workforce into the future. I've grown up with technology shaping my life and experiences. It's my work. It's my play. It’s my passion. I love working with people, not apart from them. I excel when I have the freedom to think, the flexibility to create, and the tools to innovate. To help you do things better tomorrow than you did today. 

You probably think of me as a young man, fresh from college, but I’m just as likely to be a woman. Gender doesn’t matter. What matters is talent. We don’t have to compete for your job, because everyone, in every industry, is chasing the same skills. Your job has to compete for us. 

The current ageing workforce is retiring faster than you can replace it, and you need my skills to fill the gap. With me and the right solutions, you can capture and communicate the knowledge and know-how of those who have gone before – ensuring new recruits move the world forward in exciting new ways. 

But when I look at your industry, still chasing paper and run on yesterday’s technology, I can't see where I fit in. And although I’m at home in the virtual world, I’m also passionate about protecting the real one, and doing things safely, which is why sustainability in your industry really matters to me. If we’re going to work together in the true spirit of collaborative innovation, I must know it also matters to you.

So, please tell me this: how’re you going to transform your industry into one that I can fully invest myself? One where I can be part of a digital workforce that can change the future for good?

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