Decarbonisation through Digitalisation

Learn how digitalisation can accelerate the decarbonisation of the future of aviation.


A society and business imperative

Sustainability has become a must-have in the Age of Experience. Fifty years ago, the aviation industry focused on speed and large, multi-engine aircraft, which guzzled fuel and produced high volumes of greenhouse gases. Today, the industry’s focus has shifted 180 degrees to sustainability and the fuel saving economy. However, advances are not happening fast enough to meet global the CO2-reduction targets.  Companies continued commitment must methodically take measure of the three pillars to achieve sustainable manufacturing, create value for all, and grow as a thriving business:

  • People in the form of the workforce of the future, empowered to use knowledge and know-how to create sustainable capabilities that inspire aerospace innovations
  • Planet by using optimized global operations that minimize waste in crafting air travel experiences with environmental guidelines
  • Profit with utilization of value network orchestration for higher efficiency, productivity and faster time to market for maximized profit


Sustainability solutions now in development will span a combination of technologies including low-carbon sustainable aviation fuel. In addition, major players are also seeking ways to eliminate traditional hydrocarbon-based fuel altogether to be carbon neutral. These efforts have focused on hydrogen, electric and hybrid-electric propulsion of light aircraft and large-scale demonstration vehicles, which have made the most progress. 


Accelerate sustainable innovation:

Optimize global operations by meeting environmental regulations through EcoDesign

Efficiently manage resources, including the supply chain and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul, across the product lifecycle

Balance the customer needs and sustainability to create real value

Educate the workforce to enable a sustainable future


Build sustainable innovation through collaboration

Creating sustainable experiences is a complex process, requiring a diversity of knowledge and know-how. It is about optimizing current operations by connecting the dots between people, ideas and data inside and outside a company.


The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform allows informed teams to seamlessly collaborate across the globe and integrate new technologies, products, & services. This can transform the innovation process by leveraging virtual environments to solve real world challenges. This also allows companies to optimize operations, drive efficiencies and predictive maintenance, and improve environmental performance throughout the system of work.


Sustainability is good business and good global citizenship enabling a greener future for Aerospace.

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