What are the trends changing the airlines landscape?

Technological and environmental leaps are reshaping the industry, what are they and how will they affect your business?


Unique Experience

How do you make the passenger experience unique?


Today, airlines are facing an intense competition for creating a customized and outstanding experience for their passengers. One of the key challenges is to increase customer loyalty by exceeding passenger expectations.


Many companies attempting mass customization for buyers are often buried in the complexities of managing customer expectations, safety regulations, and customer-change requests whose scope tends to creep, resulting in project overruns and financial losses.


To provide a unique in-flight cabin passenger experience and a seamless experience before and after the flight, airlines are looking for innovative and highly collaborative solutions.

Smooth and efficient operations at our hub is a must.

Finnair Case Study
Jaakko Schildt
COO, Finnair

Airlines Operations

How do you optimize airlines operations?


The competitiveness of the airlines industry is essential to finance fleet renewal and to face the current challenges.


To be more competitive, operating costs have to be reduced. To have an efficient and robust operation, airlines need to develop predictive maintenance to reduce delays and cancellation. It also requires to optimize manpower planning, as well as in-flight services catering and cargo. The air traffic control is also being modernized for flight route optimization with direct and efficient routings.

Aviation has to perform a technological leap never seen before to meet sustainability goals. It cannot happen with the development tools from the past.

Vincent Rouchon > Dassault Systèmes
Vincent Rouchon
Aerospace & Defense Industry Solution Technical Director


How to address sustainability goals for airlines?


Sustainability is standing as a crucial topic for aviation and airlines. The aggressive objectives that have been set in this sector are pushing airlines to accelerate the  transformation. They must mitigate financial impact of carbon taxes increase and reassure investors and passengers looking for significant initiatives toward environmental and sustainability goals


Airlines need solutions to decrease environmental footprint through flight route and ground operations optimization. They must make sure they establish a sustainable value chain and control the full lifecycle assessment of the products they operate.

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