What are the trends changing the commercial aviation landscape?

Technological and environmental leaps are reshaping the industry, what are they and how will they affect your business?

We are not just talking about digitalization or a 3D experience, we are rethinking the way aircraft are designed and operated, streamlining and speeding up our processes with customer satisfaction in mind

Guillaume Faury
Chief Executive Officer, Airbus

Program Innovation

How do you timely rethink product development and manufacturing to meet customer and environmental challenges ?


The aerospace industry is known for making giant leaps in technology with each generation of aircraft. The next decade will see more of these great leaps than the past ten with significant new challenges in sight and new technologies emerging to overcome them. 


Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) must consider how to safely and sustainably move faster through adoption of advanced materials, robotics, additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, advanced data analytics and other technologies. They need to use these new capabilities to achieve greater effectiveness and versatility together with their value network for delivering manned and unmanned systems, greater fuel efficiency in commercial aircraft and increased reliability and cost-effectiveness across the board.

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