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Learn how using a Model Based Enterprise approach can help deliver programs and projects on-time and on-budget.


Drive out cost despite growing complexity of systems

Aerospace companies must integrate new technologies into ever increasing complex aircraft that can meet passenger demands, and operator cost and uptime targets. If not, they risk losing market share from more agile competitors.

To drive down costs, they must find efficiencies in how they conceptualize, design, manufacture, test, certify and support new aircraft. This requires significant process improvements that transform their ability to deliver on schedule, on cost, and on specification.


Transforming aerospace programs to drive out cost:

Work concurrently in context of a full system digital mockup providing a single version of the truth.

Continuously monitor schedule, budget, resource allocation and deliverables across the supply chain.

Maintain strong program control to stay on time, on cost and on spec while avoiding contract penalties.

Optimize the design of components, subsystems and systems while ensuring proper integration to drive out costs.


Accelerate program maturity while driving down cost

Companies must significantly increase the degree of integration to develop more advanced, complex and capable aircraft that can compete in the market. They must seamlessly collaborate across functions, organizations and geographies to keep the program on track.


To integrate this effort, the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform goes beyond the traditional digital mockup (DMU) by providing a System Digital Mockup (S-DMU). This delivers insights and a common reference across the development process to optimize design efforts and drive down costs between 40 and 60 percent.

We introduced harmony in our processes, methods and tools, saving precious time that we instead spent on innovation.

Didier Evrard
Executive Vice President, Head of the A350 XWB Program, Airbus

Dramatically increasing in efficiency

Airbus used the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to significantly reduce engineering changes, improve quality, and keep the A350 XWB program on target for first flight.

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