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FT Focus Report Reinforces Business Case for Sustainable Innovation

Advanced digital solutions not only help companies assess the potential environmental and social benefits of products and services under development, but also provide virtual universes to completely rethink them for a sustainable economy.

Walk the Talk: Executives Scale Up Sustainable Innovation

More than half of 300 business leaders surveyed by the Financial Times know the urgency of integrating sustainability into the product lifecycle. But only 36% are planning to take action. Discover what’s holding them back - and what you can do differently - in the Financial Times (FT) Focus report.

Is Sustainable Innovation Worth It? The Numbers Say 'Yes'

Industrial circular designs, although still underused, are rapidly gaining traction. In the Financial Times Focus report, we found that only a minority of businesses have integrated eco-design principles into their products. In a bid to reclaim their market advantage, 52% more are joining the ranks by embracing digitalization — are you one of them? 

Once companies can use digitalization to better understand where they stand, they will see where sustainable innovation can take them and how to get there.

There is a growing urgency to change our ways of production and consumption. We need to rethink everything. Using technology to solve problems more sustainably is an amazing opportunity that can be realized with the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.

Alice Steenland > Dassault Systèmes
Alice Steenland
Chief Sustainability Officer

How Quickly Can Your Value Chain Scale Up?

Companies that are moving ahead fast are doing more than polishing their sustainability credentials — they are pushing to outperform in the marketplace. These companies are:

•    Shifting their focus towards new business models to develop products using circular design principles
•    Adopting advanced digital solutions to perform lifecycle assessments throughout all phases of product development
•    Inspiring creative collaboration virtually by bringing together all disciplines to test, model and innovate

Italian manufacturer AMF uses the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to deliver transparency across the product lifecycle, and facilitate closer collaboration between designers and engineers. By replacing the most polluted steps in its production processes with circular alternatives, AMF could reuse more than 97% of water in its closed-circuit system.

A Greener Footprint

A virtual twin with embedded lifecycle assessment capabilities can almost instantly calculate the impact on sustainability, cost, time to market and a host of other critical measures, making every employee — not just a company's sustainability team — a valuable actor in the sustainability revolution.

Alice Steenland > Dassault Systèmes
Alice Steenland
Chief Sustainability Officer

Real-World Benefits of the Virtual Twin