Increasingly impactful climate and social changes

The growing pressure of climate and social changes on governments, businesses and communities have catalysed Cities and public Authorities to action.


Deliver public services in a breathless evolving context

The recent COVID-19 pandemic created a collective awareness that we are connected globally and that activities in one location can impact life for the rest of the world. Cities and public authorities will have to manage unexpected crises combined with demographic pressure, and climate change that drive high impacts on social behaviours.


To face these challenges, public policy makers, executive-administrative bodies and public contractors require new technological solutions that will provide in-depth understanding of current situations to secure a sustainable future for citizens and next generations.


As a result, public policy makers, executive-administrative bodies and public contractors are now called to: 

Plan for crises before they occur and reduce the severity of their impact.

Respond to risks with fully informed decision-making capabilities and best pratices.

Act, communicate and mobilize for the safety of the community.

Leverage existing data for long term planning.


Accelerate technology adoption to faster react

Public institutions produce and agregate a huge quantity of data but only a small quantity is well-structured and can be exploited to enhance public action.

To thrive in a future wrought with uncertainty:

  • Simulate. Simulation not only facilitates What If Scenarios to secure long term choices, but it allows for public stakeholders to fast react to unforeseen crisis by leveraging simulations.
  • Innovate. Modernise public operating models to better serve citizens, offer a better working environment to public servants, and optimise public spendings.
  • Optimize for decision-making. Organize information to enable rapid, well-informed decisions among various stakeholders, leveraging available quality data.
  • Collaborate for a quicker reaction. Reinvest in risk prevention and long term planning beyond organizational boundaries. Work in a secure, collaborative environment to mitigate risk and stimulate internal innovation.
  • The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform delivers clarity, collaboration and coordination by maximizing public policy outcomes, minimizing risks and improving community engagement. A vital advantage of the platform is its ability to connect people and systems in context.
Designing a project as complex as the Eiffel Tower leaves no room for error. The virtual twin helps public authorities to collaborate, test, assess, and make science-based decisions at every step of the process.
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Data make it possible not only to manage, regulate and plan the way cities work, but also to invent new types of services.

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