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Transform and modernise your operating model to better serve citizens, offer a better working environment to public servants, and rationalize public spendings.

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How can you transform processes for better citizen centered services?

Streamline processes for optimised public organisations

City and public authority leaders are saddled with increasingly complex regulations, compressed decision-making timelines and budget limitations. They have to build consensus among a diverse network of stakeholders—from national and local authorities, private operators and growing participation of citizens. They are expected to resolve competing interests and collaborate like never before.


Foster Innovation as a public sector expectation

Technology is transforming the way citizens interact with governments. Citizens are more informed and governments need to keep up with citizens expectations. Public organizations have to transform their way of working to deliver new services, try new approaches and work in new ways.


To do so, public sector organisations must identify processes to support and accelerate innovation across organizations to have a strong impact.


As a result, city leaders have to:

Foster innovation to optimise public services to citizens and remain on budget.

Involve citizens for a better understanding of public policies and an increased engagement in key projects.

Manage Projects collectively involving stakeholders and citizens.

Understand interdependencies and anticipate cross-organization impacts.


Structure effective collaboration within public administrations.

  • Accelerate collaboration among internal and external stakeholders. Share a single source of truth across the ecosystem and integrate stakeholders to facilitate project management and secure budget.
  • Foster innovation by providing an interactive and collaborative platform
  • Strengthen public administration processes by optimising resource planning.
  • Invite citizens to contribute. Increase civic engagement. Boost trust between stakeholders. Uncover concerns and integrate improvements to the system. Create a virtuous cycle and build support for projects.
  • Make better-informed decisions. Extract more value from existing data. Connect information to context. Create new collective knowledge. Use advanced visualization and simulation capabilities.


The platform manages the complexity of processes by connecting skills and systems. Monitor the implementation of all projects in one place and work collaboratively on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is also ideal for aggregating, sharing and analyzing large volumes of data.

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