Key Skills to accelerate manufacturing sector’s transformation

Acquiring those new skills is critical to lead this transformation journey! But what are the skills and disciplines needed by the manufacturing sector to shape a more sustainable future?


Shape tomorrow's talents!

We are living in a changing world full of opportunities: Technologies are reshaping the world of work. Jobs are transformed and new jobs requiring new skills are emerging. Talent scarcity becomes a new norm for many companies.


Research suggests that many graduates across the world are not ‘workplace ready’. In the UK, for example, nearly 80% of employers believe graduates aren’t work-ready on entering the employment market, according to a survey by the Chartered Management Institute.


As a result, developing relationships between industry and academia has never been so important – to both foster employability and close the skills gap.


More than ever academics institutions need new approach of teaching. A more attractive and competitive one to give students the skills to reinvent a more sustainable world.


Increase your Institution ranking

In today’s challenging period, within an hyper connected world, how Academic Institutions can better perform in education ranking?


Universities and academic institutions want to stay ahead of the education international competition. They face the challenge to attract the best students from all over the world, to provide the best solutions in line with industry practices for economic development. They have to invest in the best technologies to ensure students acquire the rights skills to be competitive on the job market, with the ambition to be the most valuable and advanced partner in terms of education practices.


Build innovative teaching journey

Create innovative learning paths: how can educators transform themselves as teaching champions?


In a time of rapidly changing trends, educators face the challenges of delivering fresh learning content in shorter and shorter timeframes, teaching remotely and collaborating with a multiple of actors.!


To differentiate their value propositions, educators must drive innovative learning content based on real industrial insights.


In addition, students expect teachers capable of exchange in real time and get personalized teaching at a distance. That’s why educators have to make their entire operation, as setting up virtual classroom, organizing students exam, more efficient.


At least, educators want to allow their students to take part in real problem-based learning experiences. Educators and students are not anymore alone to create their projects. They need to exchange with their peers to find best practices and get their project done in no time.

Closing the skill gap

How developing relationships between industry and academia can reduce the skills gap?

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