Can you feel it? The future is already here. There’s a wind of change transforming the industry and you want to be part of it. Sustainability has become the main concern across all industries in need of skilled engineers who can tackle real-world problems through the help of technology.  This workforce of the future has one idea in mind: create innovative, high-quality products, reducing waste, cost and time-to-market. Simultaneously, schools and universities have also had to adapt their teaching methods and improve collaboration to fit major societal shifts such as remote and hybrid work.

Enhance your teaching methods by bringing industries best practices into your classroom with our Education Experiences, a combination of leading industry software, customized learning resources and certifications. Tailored to fit into your existing curriculum with ready-to-use, end-to-end teaching scenarios, they are here to help you prepare your students for their future careers by teaching them the right skills and keeping them engaged and excited at all times. The future of engineering is collaborative: introduce project-based learning and break silos between disciplines.

Join the wave of change with the help of our Education Experiences!

How to Teach Engineering to Tomorrow’s Leaders

Discover how the 3DEXPERIENCE for Education helps you empowering tomorrow’s engineering workforce through a secure and connected environment powered by a digital platform.


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Education Experience

Teaching the Future of Engineering with CATIA

Prepare your students for the Future of Industry through the help of virtual engineering experiences

Education Experience

Teaching the Future of 3D Design with SOLIDWORKS

Prepare your students for the next generation of product development

Education Experience

Teaching Modeling and Simulation with SIMULIA

Empowering students with Simulation-driven experiences to solve real-world problems

Education Experience

Teaching Virtual Factory with DELMIA

Build sustainable virtual experiences to re-imagine the future of manufacturing

Education Experience

Teaching Systems Engineering by pivoting to MBSE

Embrace MBSE with the unique value of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to improve your teaching methods and get your students future-ready

Leading Universities are already using 3DEXPERIENCE platform

From New-York to Paris or Shanghai, world-class universities have been trusting us for many years and leverage our 3DEXPERIENCE for Education offers to make their students future- and industry-ready. 


Boost your students employability and enhance your teaching with our Education Experiences

Multi-disciplinary software with cutting-edge Apps

Everything you need to transfer your pedagogy on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, our next generation secured and cloud-based industry solution.

Advanced Learning content designed by teachers

Get the right teaching resources with turnkey learning content for learning by doing and share essential skills & knowledge.

Upskill your students on key emerging roles

Give your students the right skills, knowledge and know-how to find attractive professional opportunities.

Dedicated community for teachers supported by Experts

Accelerate collaboration, connect with other teachers and receive best platform practices & 3DS coaching.

3DEXPERIENCE on the Cloud, your solution to virtual education

3DEXPERIENCE for Education is the ideal platform for project-centric learning, providing an integrated, distributed universe for methods such as Conceive – Design – Implement – Operate (CDIO®) or Project (Problem) Based Learning (PBL). At any time, in the classroom, in the lab or remotely, educators can monitor projects, manage idea maturity and assign grades.

3DEXPERIENCE for Education provides a proven environment for deploying digital labs involving realistic virtual 3D equipment, coupled with two-way interaction with real remote devices. The platform opens up new horizons for innovative educational practices, such as distant learning, MOOCs and flipped learning.

3DEXPERIENCE for Education is constantly evolving to support national manufacturing initiatives with enhanced capabilities for teaching, learning and advancing the most promising industry practices — from the Internet of Things (IoT) to digital value chains, additive manufacturing, smart buildings and intelligent farms. It provides institutions with a credible up-to-date universe to support applications for educational research grants.

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