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Our mission

Empower the workforce of the future

Providing tomorrow’s game changers with the right skills, knowledge and know-how will be key to pursuing the digitalization of today's industries, and shaping a more sustainable future for everyone. As a scientific company, we provide solutions for people to innovate; before all, our virtual universes are a space for training, learning and experimenting.

Which skills for tomorrow?

From conversations with customers, partners and industry leaders, our 3DEXPERIENCE Edu team has identified the skills that are necessary to answer today’s challenges, and accelerate transformation towards more efficient, sustainable and personalized experiences for tomorrow.

We have built from these insights a skills referential of all disciplines by economic sector, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, to support our customers in their transformation journey.

Discover it below and read our ebooks to learn more about key skills for tomorrow!

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Key Skills for Manufacturing Industries

Mechatronics, Design for sustainability, Additive manufacturing, Data science and Systems Engineering are among the core and emerging skills and disciplines presenting opportunities for industrials and academics to prepare the workforce of the future for new and evolving jobs in the Manufacturing sector.

"We launched this social listening study to get a glimpse into the discussions trending on social media across a diverse horizon of stakeholders: students, teachers, businesses, experts and others. With this insight, we can federate our ecosystem to help prepare students and the workforce to work efficiently, collaboratively and productively to solve major sustainability challenges."

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Florence Verzelen
Executive Vice President, Industry, Marketing and Sustainability, Dassault Systèmes

Job Spotlight

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Mechatronics Engineer


Systems Engineer







Additive Manufacturing Designer





Did you know?

2.1 million manufacturing positions will go unfulfilled by 2030.

Manufacturing is lacking talent, struggling to attract young generations compared to the more glamorous jobs of the tech sector.

The Growing Global Skills Shortage
Faced with a dwindling pool of prospective employees, manufacturers need to consider how digital can augment their talent retention.
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3DEXPERIENCE Edu is engaged everyday towards bridging the skills gap

Listen to this interview at Paris Air Show 2023 between Valérie Ferret, 3DEXPERIENCE Edu Vice President and David Ziegler, Aerospace & Defense Vice President at Dassault Systèmes, and learn more about the skills required and the challenges faced by the Aerospace industry and how 3DEXPERIENCE Edu supports the transformation journey.

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