For 40 years, Dassault Systèmes has been supporting all those who innovate and create

Thanks to our 300,000 customers and 25 million users across 12 industries worldwide, and relying on 40 years of partnership with educational institutions, we use our expertise to prepare the workforce of the future to new and evolving jobs, and bridge the skills gap that limits many industries today in their quest for innovation.

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Are you future-ready?

For 40 years, Dassault Systèmes has been a catalyst and enabler for industrial innovation, sustaining the efforts of industry and academia to collaboratively nurture the learning environments needed to deliver innovative solutions to the world’s complex challenges, and improve the quality of life for consumers, citizens, and patients.

As we believe that progress stems from human talent over technology, empowering people with new skills to innovate, and future-proof knowledge and know-how, will be the cornerstone of the transformation. But what are the competencies needed to build a more sustainable future?

At 3DEXPERIENCE Edu, we’ve built a list of pivotal skills that tomorrow’s workforce will need to change the game in critical sectors such as Manufacturing, Infrastructure & Cities, or Life Sciences & Healthcare.

But are YOU future-ready?

The big job disruption

The job landscape is evolving at high speed: are you willing to catch the train?

The OECD and the World Economic Forum have identified by the next decade that:


1,1 Billion

jobs likely to be transformed by technology

133 Million

new jobs created in major economies


employees will need reskilling


jobs at high risk of being partially automated

Bridging the Skills Gap

Learn more on how does 3DEXPERIENCE Edu tackle the skills gap challenges



At 3DEXPERIENCE Edu, one of our main goals is to foster collective intelligence on key emerging roles and skills. In the below publications from our “Skills Wanted for Sustainable Innovation” series, we share our views and the ones from our ecosystem on how these jobs and skills are evolving to support the industry for today and tomorrow.

Learn more about the future-ready jobs we have identified:


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Today, technologies are reshaping the world of work, while social and environmental issues are bringing new, increasingly complex challenges to the table. The jobs we used to know are evolving at the speed of light, and new jobs requiring new skills are emerging. There is an urgent need for large-scale skilling, upskilling and reskilling.


But which competencies do we need for tomorrow? Hear more from Bruce: he’s got insights to share about the challenges of today's industries and academics to shape a better future.

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3DEXPERIENCE Edu Centers of Excellence

Dassault Systèmes is taking action to develop the skills required to move from developing single products to sustainable, future-ready experiences within its ecosystem of schools, training organizations and customers through multiple channels.

One of these channels include the 3DEXPERIENCE Edu Centers of Excellence global program, which accelerates experiential lifelong learning by providing businesses and governments with a network of centers to develop the 3DEXPERIENCE platform expertise needed for the virtual and collaborative leap of the industry, and the reduction of the skills gap.


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