How do you deliver high quality public services while remaining on budget?

Governments around the world have the responsibility to improve public services for the benefit of citizens: develop, operate and maintain public infrastructure, urban mobility, and health services among others. Governments are increasingly subcontracting private companies to fulfill public services.


While pressure on public budgets continues to grow, citizens expect high quality public services. Public contractors constantly look for innovation to increase performance and efficiency to operate public services on budget.


How to leverage technology to plan and operate sustainably?

The need for sustainability, resilience and a circular economy has become a major challenge for cities and public authorities. Public contractors in collaboration with public authorities have to encompass new policies and regulations to achieve sustainable objectives and commitments when planning and operating cities.


How do you secure efficient communication with public administrations to deliver citizen-centered services?

Communication and effective collaboration become a key success factor to align Public contractors and public administration stakeholders to deliver high quality service to citizens. This sharing of information across organizations contributes to good governance, supports  complex contract management, reduce overall risks and stimulate innovation for the benefits of citizens.

Leave Nothing to Change > Building tomorrow > Dassault Systèmes®
Designing a project as complex as the Eiffel Tower leaves no room for error. The virtual twin helps public authorities to collaborate, test, assess, and make science-based decisions at every step of the process.
How Can We Build Tomorrow's World > Building tomorrow > Dassault Systèmes®
It is now possible to engage impactful actions in the virtual world that will make a great difference in the real world of Infrastructure & Cities.

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