Today's patients seek bespoke healthcare solutions and demand the best in disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Embracing the emergence and maturation of new technologies, companies can tap into the individual uniqueness of a patient's genetic makeup, behavior, culture, lifestyle and environment to gain a competitive edge in this growing market. Ready to delve deeper into how advanced technologies and virtual twin experiences are helping biomanufacturers achieve precision medicine at scale?

Discover How to Gain an Edge in Delivering the Right Treatment.

Unlock precision medicine's full potential in personalized health solutions with agility and speed.

Harness the Power of Data

According to a Deloitte report, data is the new currency of life sciences and healthcare innovation. Exploiting new tools to extract meaning from large volumes of information will drive real change in clinical practice and biomanufacturing. Data science can help companies:

  • Deliver more 'right first time' results at a lower cost
  • Produce highly customized products and services
  • Maintain economy of scale and time-to-market

Guided by real-time insights, biomanufacturing organizations can make the right decisions at the right time to ensure supply meets patient demands while prioritizing safety, quality and regulatory needs. For example, using the virtual twins of the biomanufacturing process enables equipment, process parameters, test methods, materials and consumables to scale out through an agile manufacturing approach.

Continuous monitoring and data intelligence will enable us to contextualize healthcare decisions and tailor-make patient treatments that capture the uniqueness of each patient and track the subtleties of chronic conditions.

Claire Biot > Speaker > Dassault Systèmes
Claire BIOT
Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry Vice President, Dassault Systèmes

Leveraging Advanced Technology and Virtual Twin Experiences in Biomanufacturing

Life Sciences and Healthcare companies can leverage digital technologies and virtual twin experiences to make pursuing precision medicine possible, practical, faster and more cost-effective.

  • Virtual Twin Technology

Virtual twins enable organizations to model and simulate the manufacturing plant, manufacturing lines and bioproduction processes. This includes monitoring trends and detecting issues that may affect yield or impact quality. A virtual twin experience accelerates technology transfer with recipe authoring and specification management combined with facility and manufacturing line design and engineering.

  • Intelligent Planning and Scheduling

Manufacturing operations require dynamic and intelligent planning and scheduling capabilities to achieve operational excellence. Intelligent production scheduling optimizes schedules, maximizes equipment utilization and ensures the right materials are on hand and that trained people are available to run the process. Rich, interactive tools allow companies to robustly respond to changes by modifying schedules and virtually simulating a myriad of 'what if' scenarios for optimal schedules that ensure on-time in-full delivery.

  • Process Design and Simulation

Defining, simulating and validating the behavior of complex process systems is paramount to achieving optimal manufacturing performance. This begins with developing all functional systems to optimize design and ensure engineering integrity with a system engineering and model-based approach. Modeling the manufacturing process and the equipment used on the line helps predict and eliminate bottlenecks, identify potential engineering issues that create cost overruns and significantly reduce the time required for new line commissioning through virtual commissioning.

The Platform to Optimize Delivery of Precision Medicine

As an integrated scientific and business platform, the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform digitally connects and aligns the complex manufacturing networks of biopharma organizations for easy access to information, enabling quicker and data-driven decision-making

Evolving healthcare introduces complexity in processes. Scientific breakthroughs and affordability will be instrumental in the wider use of precision medicine. To remain competitive, companies must shift to new customizable, highly flexible and resource-efficient approaches," said Claire Biot, Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry Vice President at Dassault Systèmes.

"We will see a wave of mainstream personalized medicine in the next 10 to 20 years. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform – with virtual twin technology at its core – provides companies with the agility and modularity to get there faster and be future-ready," she added.

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