Accelerate innovation while delivering on time, on cost and on schedule

Re-examine Cost Structures, Enact Lean Processes, and More

Defense budgets are starting to grow again, but concerns linger about the structural overhead and inefficiencies. Traditionally, the defense sector focused on a bespoke development model that typically carried high cost structures (to carry the burden of cutting-edge development and compliance requirements,) long development cycles and a limited ability to invest ahead of the market.

Companies need to manage collaboration across the entire supply chain to control IP and mitigate program risk. To keep costs in line, and to ensure continuing investment in research and development, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) under a lot of pressure to re-examine cost structures, enact lean processes, and improve delivery contracts on-time and on-schedule.

Dassault Systèmes can help defense companies accelerate programs from concept to take off up to 50 percent by leveraging the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to:

  • Explore 1000s of concepts with the same resources.
  • Cut 40 % to 60% of the time and cost to develop new programs
  • Reduce up to 25% of manufacturing errors, cut waste 20% and improve first-time quality up to a 15%.

Learn how Dassault Systèmes partners with Defense companies like yours to win more bids, accelerate program maturity, increase production rates and improve manufacturing agility.