The speed of relevance

Defense companies are becoming more digital and are leveraging cloud technology. The defense cloud environment enables improved communication and cooperation in the operations and maintenance of existing programs’ leveraging their huge data patrimony and accelerating program development with new collaborative architecture.

The 3DEXPERIENCE ® Cloud platform  offers an all-in-one solution with new capabilities:


Always up to date

  • Focus on speed of relevance to support fast-changing needs of programs

  • Continuous innovation through permanent upgrades to deploy new capabilities 

  • Easily accessible

Eliminate silos

  • Enables information sharing on a single source of truth easily 

  • Improves collaboration on program and project planning execution

  • Manages large, complex programs with stakeholders from different countries and companies.

Highly scalable

  • Easily deployable with immediate access and optimal experience for users

  • Flexible solutions that can be adjusted instantly depending on customer needs

  • Designed for optimal cost of ownership and scalable to users and usage 

Highly Secured

•    Complies to the highest levels of legal protection
•    Takes into account security regulations that are specific and unique to each defense program
•    Cybersecurity, IP protection and quality at the heart of our solution

With the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud Platform, provisioning, installation, updates, monitoring, and operations are under Dassault Systèmes’ responsibility..

Deploying cloud solutions in defense programs

With 3DS OUTSCALE, the first French Sovereign Cloud certified SecNumCloud, Dassault Systèmes is proud to deploy sovereign and dedicated cloud offers, for trusted and sovereign collaboration either in a common legal and fiscal space, or in a customer’s space ensuring the sovereignty of data stored in the Cloud.


The 3DEXPERIENCE platform can be used for the development of key defense programs on the roadmap. For example in Europe, it supports programs constituting a major advancement in the consecution of European strategic autonomy consolidating the European defense industry sector and reinforcing its military capabilities. 


Among key capabilities to support such projects is the ‘systems of systems’ approach to manage and simplify product complexity in development. Providing full digital continuity for all data, knowledge and smooth collaboration across all organizations through the platform and development time will be accelerated thanks to the application of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). MBSE is indeed a methodology that enables defense companies to efficiently manage complex systems, accelerate product development cycles while reducing risk of errors and keeping cost down. Not only future defense programs, but existing programs can also achieve continuous data-driven fleet optimization using big data analytics.

Discover how to optimize product development with model-based systems engineering

Learn more about how MBSE can improve systems development processes, reduce costs, and ensure the development of complex systems.

Insights from Dassault Aviation

using the Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud to develop its next-generation fighter

Shaping the Future

In order to continously foster the development and deployment of next generation edge and data technologies, Dassault Systèmes participates in a key initiative to support the European Cloud priorities, through the European Alliance for Industrial Data, Edge and Cloud.

Cloud Sovereignty in Defense, leveraging the Cloud technologies while meeting the highest standards in terms of security and requirements, is the first step towards the deployment of Dassault Systèmes’ innovative solutions on Sovereign Cloud for all critical industries. .

All capabilities are available through Dassault Systèmes’ cloud solutions portfolio. Winning Concept along other industry solution experiences, will help increase technology readiness of innovative concepts to support future defense programs.  Our rich industry process experience portfolio, from the upstream thinking to design & engineering downwards manufacturing, sales & operations offers cloud first solutions.

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