Why Aeroacoustics Simulation?

The roar of aircraft, the buffeting wind noise inside a car, the whir of a fan or the hum of a wind turbine – all of these often-annoying noises are caused by the flow of air around structures. Customer demands and legal regulations require careful control and to minimization of the noise.

Industry Challenges Solved by Aeroacoustics Simulation

In the automotive industry, noise is one of the main complaints from drivers and passengers. Considerable effort is put into minimizing noise from all sources, including the greenhouse, underbody and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). In aerospace, community noise limits imposed around airports mean that even a reduction of a few decibels can offer a key competitive edge. Similarly, the noise produced by wind turbines is key to community acceptance and planning permission.

Fluid simulation can model the flow of air around structures and the noise produced. Users can examine the full spectrum of the noise or listen to a replication of the real-world sound, and identify the contribution of different parts of the structure. Potential noise problems can be identified and resolved early in design, saving time and money. A wide range of different real-world scenarios can be considered, including ones that could not be easily tested in the wind tunnel or on a test track.

Aeroacoustics Simulation Solutions

The SIMULIA brand of Dassault Systèmes offers a portfolio of powerful fluid simulation tools that can tackle a wide range of aeroacoustics scenarios and challenges including:

  • Car greenhouse and underbody wind noise
  • Window and sunroof buffeting
  • Community noise and pass-by noise
  • Wind turbine noise
  • Cooling fan and HVAC noise
  • Propulsion noise

Aeroacoustics Simulation Applications

Greenhouse and Underbody Wind Noise

Reducing interior noise levels improves passenger comfort and is a key concern for acoustic engineers. Simulation can model the flow of air around and under the vehicle or aircraft. It can also consider taking conditions and surroundings, and identify sources of noise that can be modified or mitigated.

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