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For any organization delivering products and services to customers and patients, Quality is more important than ever, and Technology and Digitalization can be the enablers. BIOVIA QUMAS is a fully integrated, data-centric, cloud-based Quality Management solution that allows you to automate quality processes, promote data integrity, reduce compliance risks and achieve Quality and Compliance Excellence.

The core of this integrated offering is BIOVIA QUMAS EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) for data-centric Documentation and Content Management and BIOVIA QUMAS EQMS (Enterprise Quality Management System) for Quality Process Management. Both systems are accessible through the user-friendly MyQUMAS interface. From MyQUMAS you can manage and collaborate in real-time on all regulatory and quality content, create and perform tasks from incident logging through investigation to approval and remediation and access eLearning to browse, view and mark documents as read and understood and to print and search.

QUMAS manages the entire range of quality content and processes supporting SOP updates necessitated by a Deviation or CAPA, all within one unified validated solution. It’s scalability and ability to be deployed in the cloud make it suitable for small to large enterprise implementations.

Designed for regulated industries, BIOVIA QUMAS supports regulatory compliance with US FDA, EMA and PMDA requirements, while reducing validation efforts and inspection/audit times. Additional Quality Intelligence capabilities allow you to search and analyze your Quality data for proactive quality decision making.

Customers Report

  • 80% reduction in approval times
  • 40% time improvement for First-to-File / First-to-Market
  • 98% cost reduction versus a traditional repository with disconnected systems

Customer Value

  • Compliance: Data integrity, electronic signatures and an immutable audit trail
  • Single source of truth: Easy to track, monitor, trend and report on quality from a single data repository
  • Shorter inspection time: Immediate access to data and documents with interactive dashboards
  • Deviation tracking: Track performance against SOPs, identify deviations and manage information in a single system
  • Change control: Managing change orders and conducting impact analysis
  • Low cost-of-ownership: Cloud-based solution, easy to configure, vendor-managed
  • Productivity and efficiency: Automated, standardized and streamlined processes
  • Collaboration: Secure, effective collaboration on documents and content
  • Overview and control: True end-to-end control and visibility with tailored analytics and dashboards
  • Shorter time-to-market: Faster approval cycles and fewer rework/recalls
  • Culture of Quality: A comprehensive, data-centric approach to Quality

BIOVIA Total Quality

To learn about additional BIOVIA capabilities for Total Quality Management watch this video.

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