Particle dynamics applications

CST Studio Suite

CST Studio Suite contains a wide range of solvers, enabling the simulation of complex devices and the development of new technologies.

Often these complex devices are difficult to understand and it’s not easy to have analytic estimations, especially when they involve particles and the behavior is transient. Simulation is able to mimic the complex electron/wave interaction, responsible for a power generation/amplification process. The prediction of performance by means of simulation is a key task throughout the design.

CST Studio Suite includes several tools for designing charged particle devices, including the Particle Tracking Solver, the Particle-in-Cell (PIC) Solver and the Wakefield Solver. These can be used to design beamline components from particle sources, to magnets, to cavities, to absorbers.

Particle dynamics simulation is also crucial in the design of vacuum electronics devices. Magnetrons, gyrotrons, klystrons and traveling wave tube amplifiers are among the components that can be designed with CST Studio Suite. Breakdown effects such as multipaction and corona effects can be simulated and, with multiphysics simulation, the thermal and mechanical effects of high-power microwaves can also be taken into account.