Low Frequency Electromagnetics

Electrostatic, magnetostatic and low frequency electromagnetic field simulation

The characterisation of electromagnetic devices operating in the static to kilohertz range has been at the core of SIMULIA electromagnetic technology tools for more than 35 years. Finite element simulation analysis of low frequency devices is trusted by a wide range of customers in both the scientific world and industry, and has become a crucial step in the design of an entire range of devices, from the very small loudspeaker drivers to wind turbine generators and even entire ships.

Electrical devices are a constant presence in our day-to-day life. Whether it is the superconducting coil generating the very high magnetic fields needed to produce a clear image in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), a rotating motor powering the latest generation electric vehicle or an inductive sensor detecting whether the smartphone's cover is closed, the performance of all of these devices has been thoroughly analyzed and optimized using electromagnetic finite element analysis.

The benefits of simulation for low-frequency applications

Electromagnetic (EM) simulation software allows users to perform simulation of electromagnetic and electromechanical systems in 2 and 3 dimensions. The low frequency EM simulation suite is extremely useful for the design of resistive and superconducting magnets, electric machines, high voltage power transmission and for assessing magnetic marine signatures.

Finite element analysis of electromagnetic fields provides an in-depth view of complex and non-linear effects, such as local saturation of magnetic materials, hysteresis behaviour of magnetized steels and magnetization and demagnetization effects in permanent magnets. Accurate calculation of losses and forces generated by electromagnetic effects are an important first step in any multiphysics analysis of electromagnetic and electromechanical devices.

Applications include:

  • Electrical machines
    • Motors
    • Generators
    • Actuators
  • High-voltage power components
  • Magnet design
    • MRI magnets
    • Particle accelerator magnets
  • Inductive wireless charging
  • Magnetic signature and degaussing
  • Static charge and discharge

Low Frequency Electromagnetic Simulation Materials

SIMULIA Electromagnetics Technology for Low Frequency Simulation

SIMULIA develops simulation technology that  can be used to calculate electromagnetic fields in a wide range of application areas. These technologies are particularly useful for low frequency simulation. Depending on your working environment this technology is available to you in various ways:

Electromagnetics on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

EM simulation software is a game changer when it comes to reducing the time and cost of bringing a product to market, not just in the high-tech industries of electronics and communication.

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3DEXPERIENCE Works Electromagnetics

Electromagnetics Engineer is a high-performance 3D electromagnetic simulation solution. Powered by the industry proven CST Studio Suite, this cloud-enabled role delivers fast, effective simulation and design guidance of electro-mechanical devices, PCB’s, antennas in a truly multi-physics environment.

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Opera Simulation Software is a Finite Element Analysis software suite which, with its strength in low frequency simulation, is extremely useful for the design of magnets, electric motors and other electrical machines.

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