Bioelectromagnetics applications

Analyze the interaction of electromagnetic fields with the human body

Bioelectromagnetics covers the interaction of electromagnetic fields with the human body. This makes it a crucial topic for a wide range of medical devices for imaging and treatment. Safety regulations mean it is also a concern for a huge range of other products ranging from smartphones to electric cars. The human body is an extremely complex structure made up materials with a wide range of EM and thermal properties, meaning that specialized modeling and simulation tools are needed.

The electromagnetic and multiphysics simulation tools from the SIMULIA brand of Dassault Systèmes can be used to tackle the challenges of electrical engineering in the vicinity of the human body. Powerful design tools and realistic material models can capture the rich details both of electronic devices and the human body. High-performance solver technology can simulate EM fields in the complex environment of the body rapidly and accurately.

The complexity of the human body requires very detailed simulation models. SIMULIA software supports both polygonal (CAD) body models and voxel body models, which can be posed within the tool to set up realistic test scenarios. A family of simulation-ready human body models representing different body types is available from SIMULIA.

SIMULIA simulation technology also includes accurate bio-heat models, taking into account thermoregulation effects such as blood flow and metabolic heat, to realistically simulate how electromagnetic fields heat the body.

BioEM Simulation Materials