BIOVIA Insight


BIOVIA Insight lets you gather all the data you need, visualize and analyze data and collaborate with internal teams and across networked external organizations to gain insight into data and make fast, informed decisions about how to move research projects to the next level. BIOVIA Insight for Excel is an add-in to Microsoft Excel providing scientific data analysis capabilities within the familiar Excel spreadsheet environment.

BIOVIA Insight a wholly new, next-generation solution for interactive searching, browsing and visualizing data within the BIOVIA product suite. Where our legacy (and most competitive) products rely on laborious, form-based queries to search and filter data, BIOVIA Insight lets you filter data and results by scientifically relevant criteria, accelerating query refinement across a broad range of scientific objects. With Insight, you can:

  • Search and Import Data Quickly and Easily– Access data in multiple databases from in-house and web sources, from files or through pre-defined data gathering and processing workflows.
  • Browse and Visualize Data in Detail – Browse data live against the source database and also against project team extracts, using the same user-definable browse forms.
  • Filter and Combine Data – Refine retrieved data by filtering and supplement with additional data from the same sources (searches and data import), ensuring that the right data is always available.
  • Visualize Data Your Way – Use a variety of linked and interactive data views including tables, forms, charts and scientific visual analytics. Define your own views through simple drag-and-drop. Drill-down views provide detail on higher level overview panels. Create your own custom visualizations.
  • Run Extensive Calculations and Analytics – Apply integrated calculations and advanced scientific analytics directly to your data and visualize the results.
  • Collaborate Effectively – Load, analyze and visualize data and share your results with collaborators; create a team workspace where others can add additional data, analysis, commentary and insight.
  • Make It Your Own – BIOVIA Insight automatically tailors itself to your work, presenting you with recent activities, data and analysis that you have shared with colleagues. Working with the intuitive web interface, you can then further tailor the Insight experience to your workflows and preferences. Developers can further extend BIOVIA Insight through BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot protocols to provide specific scientific calculations, visualizations, exports and reports to meet your organization’s needs and expertise.
Make better informed decisions, faster with BIOVIA Insight