What's New in BIOVIA R2019x


With 3DEXPERIENCE R2019x, users across the industries served by Dassault Systèmes benefit from new and enhanced roles in the BIOVIA’s extensive portfolio, which apply to many industries. They extend the power of BIOVIA’s solution portfolio with on-platform capabilities supporting scientists, decision makers and modelers in many industries.

  • The new Scientific Protocol User Role (PLP) on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform based on BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot, enables companies in any industry to democratize the use of data science (incl. data analytics, machine learning for AI)
  • The Scientific Decision Maker Role (BDV) enables a company to holistically and collaboratively manage its portfolio of scientific research & development projects such as drug discovery/development and formulated consumer packaged goods or chemical products.


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  • Scientific Protocol User

    on premise
    Empowers 3DEXPERIENCE users to gain deeper insights from scientific data by leveraging the data science capabilities of BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot (chemistry, machine Learning, image analysis, genomics/proteomics, ETL, numerical analysis, dashboards, etc.) and the expertise of data science experts to execute best practices workflows that facilitate decision-making, risk management, and business growth supporting a wide variety of industries and business processes.
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  • Scientific Study Manager

    on cloud on premise
    Efficient creation, design, management and reporting of studies for materials and products. Scheduling and monitoring testing across multiple time intervals and experiment variants.
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  • Scientific Decision Maker

    on cloud on premise
    Efficient and informed decision-making for product and process innovation based on concise, live and contextualized data-access. Complete, concise and unique access to the scientific views required to take decisions in a discovery project.
    • Scientific data structured in a Target Product Profile plan
    • In vivo/vitro/silico results consolidated as answers to the TPP
    • Traceability of the substances, protocols and tests in all stages of the project
    • Efficient experiment tasking and results recovery
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  • Scientific Investigator

    on cloud
    Leverage past experiments instead of repeating them. Include storage conditions and periodic interval testing for stability.
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