What's New in BIOVIA R2021x


Dassault Systèmes customers with 3DEXPERIENCE R2021x benefit from new and enhanced roles in BIOVIA’s extensive, multi-industry scientific software portfolio. These roles on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform extend the power of BIOVIA solutions with capabilities supporting scientists, decision makers and modelers in numerous industries.

The following new role was released in R2021x:

The new Translational Knowledge Scientist role helps biologists and scientists investigating multiscale biological knowledge. It helps accelerate the understanding of disease mechanisms and drug modes of action, supports new targets and biomarkers discovery and the proposal of drug repurposing.


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  • Analytical Scientist

    Develop methods and processes, prepare and analyze materials in analytical laboratories
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  • Experimental Knowledge Scientist

    Provide intuitive and meaningful access to scientific experimental data.
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  • Formulation Scientist

    Conduct formulation design studies to identify new formulated products in response to market needs and opportunity.
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  • Generative Therapeutics Scientist

    Optimize Drug Design and Discovery combining Artificial Intelligence, Chem Informatics and Structure-based Modeling
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  • Laboratory Administrator

    Enter, modify and maintain the laboratory informatics system configuration
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  • Laboratory Manager

    Coordinate resources and processes in the lab, assign and review work
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  • Laboratory Technician

    Execute analytical methods and batch / lot preparation recipes
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  • R&D Scientist

    Support lab experimentation and coordinate activities in R&D laboratories
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  • Scientific Decision Maker

    Access scientific views and make efficient and informed decisions for product and process innovation.
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  • Scientific Investigator

    Leverage past experiments instead of repeating them. Include storage conditions and periodic interval testing for stability.
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  • Scientific Protocol User

    Gain deeper insights from scientific data by leveraging data science capabilities and executing best practices workflows.
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  • Scientific Study Manager

    Efficiently create, design, manage and report studies for materials and products. Schedule and monitor testing across multiple time intervals and experiment variants.
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  • Translational Knowledge Scientist

    Improve Therapeutics Discovery with Better Understanding of Disease Mechanisms and Drug Modes of Action
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