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Formulations Design

Accelerate Product Launches

Organizations that manufacture formula-based products must ensure regulatory compliance globally and efficiently manage the complete lifecycle from idea to label. By facilitating the management of product complexity as well as the regulatory requirements for global formulations, BIOVIA’s solution for Formulations Design and Management helps to improve productivity, manage costs and speed products to market.

It gives formulators instantaneous regulatory guidance throughout formulation development and provides secure access to all current and historical product development data that significantly increases efficiency. It helps accelerate product innovation and product launches while successfully navigating complex regulatory requirements and more effectively managing and leveraging their formula, packaging and consumer Intellectual Property (IP) in a single, global PLM solution.


  • Build, manage, label and launch real-world formulations in compliance with regulations
  • Manage master and site recipes and optimize costs across plants
  • Define formula characteristics and compare performance results against specifications
  • Edit formulas with real-time regulatory violation flagging and easily find material alternates and substitutes
  • Compare multiple similar formulas in a single view to adapt costs
  • Create label copy directly from the formulations data according to local requirements
  • Collaborate securely on formula development across the enterprise