Due to the COVID19 crisis, supply chains have suffered in particular. More than 94% of FORTUNE 1000 companies1 report that this crisis is having a major impact on their supply chain.

More than half of the world is or has been in lockdown, most of the factories have had to be closed and some may never open again. Freight transport has also suffered from this situation. Although the sector is not restricted, the availability of carriers is still greatly affected.

In this context, according to a PWC study of 305 financial directors, 56% of companies seek to diversify sources of supply and 54% to minimize the risks of default of their suppliers2.

So what are the solutions to find new partners which are closer, available and secure?

On-Demand Manufacturing

SOLIDWORKS has launched since February, an Add-in for connecting buyers / designers / managers with manufacturing companies: the 3DEXPERIENCE Make.

You access within SOLIDWORKS to 100 manufacturers in Europe and the United States are already part of the network and are available to produce such as Xometry or Sculpteo. They provide 3D Printing service, CNC Machining service, Cutting service, Injection molding service ... and offer a wide range of materials such as Plastic, Metal and many more …

process 3DEXPERIENCE Make

For 3D Printing and CNC Machining, you get an instant quote for your project thanks to a calculation algorithm specific to each of the partners. Thanks to this function, you could also have an idea of the price of your assembly/part at any moment during the design phase.

The solution is a Marketplace, that is to say that your payment is sequestered by 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace/SOLIDWORKS until you have received your purchase. You thus benefit from a guarantee, because the supplier is only remunerated when you confirm the order is in line with your expectation. Payments by payment card or by Purchase Order are available.

A support team remains at your disposal to help you with your project or to get in touch with your chosen partner.

The Marketplace allows you to monitor the status of your transaction and keep all of its traceability.

Create Private On-Demand Manufacturing Marketplace

3DEXPERIENCE Make offers an option to create private Marketplaces accessible in SOLIDWORKS via the Add-in. As administrator of these, you can invite your buyers / designers / managers and your preferred manufacturers, your in house production capacities or local manufacturing companies.

Members can therefore communicate among themselves and compare prices across all available on demand manufacturing resources thanks to our instant quote engine, without leaving SOLIDWORKS through the Add-in.

Payment is facilitated, leaving the project teams to worry about the proper execution of the project rather than administrative tasks3

How to get the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace add-in in SOLIDWORKS



Go on the Add-in area in SOLIDWORKS, click on 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplaces.

Download 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplaces add-in for SOLIDWORKS, follow the instruction to install it and enjoy it.

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