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Ceramic manufacturing with 3DEXPERIENCE Make

3DEXPERIENCE Make is an On-Demand Manufacturing platform, which connects designers or engineers with ceramic manufacturing service providers. Our service providers are mostly based in North America (United States and Canada) and in Europe (United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Germany etc...). We currently offer ceramic manufacturing options for 3D printing but we are constantly improving our capacities. Ceramic manufacturing can also be done with molding, laser cutting or CNC machining.

Ceramic manufacturing is well suited for products requiring high mechanical strength and good resistance to low and high temperature among other properties

Thanks to our powerful algorithm, you can get quote in seconds for your ceramic 3d printing manufacturing project from our of ceramic service providers.

Our ceramic manufacturing network of service providers is handling projects in various industry such as Aerospace & defense, Electronics, Energy, Telecommunications and Biomedical.

Online manufacturing service: how does it work?

Ceramic manufacturing available with 3D printing

Ceramic manufacturing is currently only available for 3D printing processes with 3DEXPERIENCE Make. Please download your part, choose 3D printing as a process and select ceramic as a material. You will then be able to choose among our different sub material to suit your project requirements. We do offer synthetic sand as ceramic material.

3D Printing process

3D Printing - Additive manufacturing


Features to help you

Check & repair or Geometry check is a feature that helps you to understand Geometry issue of your part and could repair it live and online.

check & repair geometry 3DEXPERIENCE Make

Check & Repair

Check & repair or Geometry check is a feature that helps you to detect geometry issue on your part and repair it online and live.

manufacturability check

Manufacturability Check

This feature is available only for 3D Printing service. It helps you check the manufacturability of your part, depending on the materials and the process.

Instant quote engine 3DEXPERIENCE Make

Instant quote engine

Receive in seconds several quotes thanks to our instant quote engine.

What is ceramic manufacturing?

Introduction to Ceramic:

Ceramics are considered an inorganic, non-metallic, solid material that can be comprised of metal, non-metal, or metalloid atoms that are mainly held in either ionic or covalent bonds. Known for their brittle properties, ceramics are hard, strong in compression, and weak in shearing and tension. They also withstand chemical erosion and high temperatures. Ceramics are a part of our everyday lives without realizing it; we are surrounded by them from domestic and industrial building products, tableware, and art all the way up to medical devices and microchips.


Ceramic processing:

The two types of ceramics are crystalline and noncrystalline. Crystalline ceramics are not eligible for a wide range of processing; they can either be shaped in situ or formed with powders and sintered to form a solid body. Forming techniques can vary between hand shaping, slip casting, tape casting, injection molding, dry pressing, and others. Noncrystalline ceramics are basically glass and are usually formed through melting. Shaping glass can involve either bringing the ceramic material to a fully molten state and casting it, or bringing it to a semi-molten state (like caramel) and blowing it into a mold.

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