Who is this service for?

While 3DEXPERIENCE Make is primarily aimed at individual users, the Enterprise service is aimed at groups of users operating in an organized mode:

  • Large multi-country, multi-site and multi-business companies
  • Groups operating in extended networks: universities, technical centers, fablabs,...
  • National or regional territories such as clusters or economic sectors
  • Clients of centralized purchasing management service providers
  • Supply chain operators

What are the benefits?

The Enterprise service allows you to capitalize on the 3DEXPERIENCE Make in order to quickly respond to high value-added collective issues:

  • Setting up and executing framework contracts with referenced suppliers
  • Promotion of an offer restricted to a specific business or geographical area
  • Centralized and controlled management of a MAKE or BUY strategy, with easy promotion of the proposed offer (by internal sites, by referenced suppliers, etc.)
  • Digital continuity from need to part, in secure mode
  • Availability of indicators to facilitate analysis and decision making

What are the main functionalities offered?

Extending the services available in free access on 3DEXPERIENCE Make, the Enterprise service extends the field of possibilities for both buyer and seller users:

  • Restricting access to the private marketplace to named users
  • Filtering of suppliers and offers according to various criteria
  • Creation of an offer for internal manufacturing workshops
  • Creation of 3D object catalogs for sharing and manufacturing on demand
  • Integration with your ERP system to minimize data entry and reinforce the traceability of your operations, from the initial need to the payment of the part
  • Analysis tool to help you understand the entire purchasing cycle, by territory, process and materials

How do I access the Enterprise 3DEXPERIENCE Make service?

This service is available on a subscription basis, which you can purchase through your usual Dassault Systèmes sales contacts.

It is a configurable service accessible in the cloud. Its appropriation by an administrator is fast and intuitive. You can start your first exchanges in less than a week.

What is the expected return on investment?

Because the Enterprise service is based on a subscription and an online configurable environment, available immediately via the cloud, you get almost immediate benefits:

  • Get the best price at the best time, as close as possible to the place of application thanks to a systematic competition between the selected suppliers:
  • Development of the local economic fabric (for local authorities) thanks to a purchase traffic directed towards listed suppliers
  • Better utilization rate of internal machinery (for groups),
  • Securing the proper execution of framework contracts (for purchasing)
  • Quick and easy choices by users thanks to an upstream selection by a central administrator,
  • Optimization of your global expenses through purchasing analysis and cost comparisons by process or supplier.

How does it complement other Dassault Systèmes marketplaces?

Combined with 3DEXPERIENCE PartSupply, the Enterprise 3DEXPERIENCE Make service enables you to create a virtual warehouse of parts that can be manufactured on demand, thus reducing storage costs and lead times.

Combined with 3DEXPERIENCE Engineering, the Enterprise 3DEXPERIENCE Make service provides a complete support package for your users, from part design to manufacturing.

How can you find out more and access a demonstration?

You can contact our sales team via the following link: Contact Us


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