Sculpteo - About us

Sculpteo is based in Villejuif, in the southeast of Paris. We have 700 m2 of workshop, offices, and showroom where we operate our 3d printing and laser cutting service! We deliver 3D Printing / Additive manufacturing services, such as SLS, to manufacture your prototype in PA12, alumides or another kind of plastics, resin, composite, or metal (aluminum, titanium, stainless steel). We are available for all your medical, architectural, mechanical, retail, jewelry, or other projects.

Sculpteo - 3D printing capabilities

Sculpteo is a professional 3D printing service provider with extensive production capabilities:

  • 1500 square meters of production facilities
  • 50 engineers & technicians
  • 3D printing in various materials such as Metal, Plastic, Composite
  • More than 30 3D printing machines
  • 40000 parts made per month
  • 15000 orders per month

Sculpteo - Manufacturing processes

3D printing

  • Binder jetting - BJ
  • Powder bed fusion - PBF, SLS, DMLS, SLM, MJF, EBM
  • Material jetting - MJ, NPJ, DOD
  • Photopolymerization - SLA, DLP, VAT, CDLP

Sculpteo - Customers

Sculpteo - Certifications

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 13485:2016

Sculpteo - Service

Pick-up & Ship

Geometry optimization

3D modeling

STL repair


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