Reducing Environmental Impact Through Sustainable Manufacturing

From products with a lower carbon footprint to ethically and locally made goods, consumers are closely monitoring the environmental impact of companies’ offerings – and 34%(1) of them are willing to pay more for products that are sustainable. Many companies have started to make a change by setting science-based targets to reduce their emissions. However, they must be certain they’re not just making sustainable products – the full value chain and the manufacturing processes themselves have to be more sustainable.

Manufacturing alone accounts for 23%(2) of carbon emissions in the United States. Making the shift towards more efficient production processes therefore is especially critical. For companies seeking to cater to these new demands, they can turn to sustainable production: Manufacturing products through economically sound processes that minimize pollution, keep material resources in the loop and spur responsible operations.

Advance Sustainable Manufacturing Goals

Crafting sustainable product experiences starts with responsible manufacturing.

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By adopting sustainable manufacturing, companies can decrease carbon emissions and waste across production processes and the value network – all while staying ahead of tightening climate regulations. Improved resource use helps companies lower costs and increase operational efficiency. At the same time, they grow their brand reputation for creating genuinely sustainable products. The outcome is public trust, new customers and a strong competitive advantage.

Sustainable manufacturing is not only a necessity, it’s also a huge opportunity for innovation and business at large.

It drives the transition towards a circular economy by keeping products and materials in use, producing zero-waste, and minimizing the use of energy and natural resources.

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Guillaume Vendroux

With the virtual twin – a digital model of business processes – companies can explore new and more sustainable materials, designs and processes to drive sustainable innovation for the future. Powered by advanced digitalization, they’re set to realize their science-based targets by reducing carbon emissions across these scopes:

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Scope 1 Emissions

Direct emissions from sources owned or controlled by the company, such as on-site generation and vehicle fuel consumption.

Indirect emissions from purchased electricity, heat, steam or cooling. > Dassault Systèmes

Scope 2 Emissions

Indirect emissions from purchased electricity, heat, steam or cooling.

All other indirect emissions that occur in the value chain, such as the use of sold products and services. > Dassault Systèmes

Scope 3 Emissions

All other indirect emissions that occur in the value chain, such as the use of sold products and services.

Spur Sustainable Production With Virtual Capabilities

Virtual twin technology on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform provides a virtual universe where companies can collaboratively simulate and understand their ideas, products and processes – all before making a change in the real world. They’re empowered to identify the most sustainable solution before committing any physical resources. 

As a result, they’re able to:

Sustainable Production for Sustainable Products > Smarter Factories > Dassault Systèmes®

Build Smarter Factories

In the Industrial Renaissance, companies must welcome the factory of the future. By leveraging virtual twin technology, they can turn towards cleaner energy sources, minimize scope 1 and 2 emissions and realize energy-efficient manufacturing for a low-carbon factory floor

With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, companies can design sustainable production processes that create truly sustainable products – and give consumers exactly what they want.

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