Designed for Systems Analysts, Architects, Programmers, QA Engineers, and Documentation Writers

MagicDraw is the award-winning software modeling tool with teamwork support. Designed for Systems Analysts, Architects, Programmers, QA Engineers, and Documentation Writers, this dynamic and versatile development tool facilitates analysis and design of Object Oriented (OO) systems. Our unique strength is a model-centric approach using MagicDraw as a hub for the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

The model-centric approach to software development brings added value to your IT activities by integrating modeling artifacts from business requirements to implementation architecture

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Business strategy

MagicDraw fully supports OMG UML 2 modeling language and all the diagrams the UML standard defines. The product has consistently been the most compliant to the UML standard. This is why many companies partner, integrate, or OEM MagicDraw. In addition to this, MagicDraw has extended support for UML profiles and custom diagrams. MagicDraw can easily be transformed into a product supporting any domain-specific language which supports the needs of a specific field.

MagicDraw provides the industry's best code engineering mechanism (with full round-trip support for Java, C++, C#, CL (MSIL) and CORBA IDL programming languages), as well as reverse engineering capabilities.


MagicDraw, now considered one of the most popular UML modeling tools in the world, also serves as a component for other modeling products offered by Catia No Magic. MagicDraw's derivatives are designed for areas of Enterprise Architecture, Defense Architecture, Business Processes, Systems Engineering, and Data Modeling. All Catia No Magic's products facilitate a model driven approach and integrate smoothly, because they all are based on a single platform – MagicDraw.

Core MagicDraw value proposition for software engineering:

  • Preserve corporate knowledge
    • Keep artifacts developed in teams in a central versioned repository; see records on who, what and when - changes were made to the model
    • Keep artifacts produced in ALL design phases in one single consistent model
    • Share and reuse knowledge from other projects
    • Export data to other formats: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, OpenOffice documents, CSV, XML, HTML and others
    • Import data from Excel, CSV, requirements management tools (DOORS, Requisite Pro)
  • Manage complexity
    • Analyze, design and view systems in several abstraction levels
    • Setup traceability between different abstraction levels, e.g. easily navigate from requirements to design or test cases and vice versa
    • Analyze dependencies between system parts for easier system refactoring
    • Validate early and assess the system before the system is even created
    • Perform coverage analysis
    • Perform impact analysis
    • Decompose the project into smaller projects easily and transparently
    • Reuse a project or its parts in other projects
  • Automate development and artifact delivery
    • Use model driven architecture (MDA) as way to produce platform-specific artifacts from platform-independent artifacts
    • Generate project documentation
    • Automatically exchange data changes between team members via our teamwork solution(s)
    • Validate the system being designed in an automated way

UML in the Software Development Process

No Magic consultants come from years of business analysis and design experience, in the Big Five consulting firms as well as various government consulting agencies. Catia No Magic extends this powerhouse of consulting with partnerships with the other major software product companies and their resources, to deliver first rate consulting no matter what the stage of software development lifecycle.

No Magic Professional Services possesses the creative and technical resources to transform business strategies into software solutions - whether it is an existing company seeking better software solutions or an emerging company ready to launch their technical solutions.

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Discover our Product Offering

  • MagicDraw - MagicDraw is an award-winning software modeling tool with teamwork support. Designed for Systems Analysts, Architects, Programmers, QA Engineers, and Documentation Writers, this dynamic and versatile development tool facilitates analysis and design of Object Oriented (OO) systems.
  • Teamwork Cloud - is a central repository for storing models. It enables version control system and collaborative development of models.
  • Cameo Simulation Toolkit - No Magic is the first in the industry to provide extendable model execution framework based on OMG fUML and W3C SCXML standards. Cameo Simulation Toolkit extends MagicDraw capabilities and allows validating system behavior by executing, animating and debugging UML 2.0 State machine and Activity models in the context of realistic mock-ups of the intended user interface.
  • Cameo Business Modeler Plugin - The world of business process management and modeling is changing. cameo-business-modeler-pluginThe Business Analyst needs more data and better access to Enterprise Architecture information. The Business Analyst is also a key member of the development team especially in light of the fact that Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a primary business driver. At No Magic we believe that the Business Analyst should be able to use all data any time, in many different standards, all in one tool. Cameo Business Modeler is the answer to these changes. We have integrated the latest business modeling standard (BPMN 2.0) into MagicDraw supporting the latest SOA and Enterprise Architecture standards.
  • Cameo Data Modeler - Cameo Data Modeler plugin provides data-related modeling for MagicDraw. It includes entity-relationship, database and XML schema modeling features. 
    • This plugin enables you to draw entity-relationship diagrams (using the crow's foot notation). This is a full- featured variant of ER diagram (including extended entity-relationship concepts - like generalization), providing a spectrum of capabilities for logical data modeling. 
    • This plugin provides SQL database modeling / diagramming and DDL script generation / reverse features. It supports 11 flavors of databases (including Standard SQL, Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL), has separate type libraries for them, carries additional modeling extensions for Oracle databases, Transformations from / to plain UML models and from ER models are provided. 
    • This plugin provides XML schema modeling / diagramming and schema file (*.xsd) generation / reversing features. Transformations from / to plain UML models are provided.
  • Merge Plugin - Model Merge enables copying changes between different project versions. This functionality is usually needed when there are several branches that reflect different releases or versions of the product, e.g. when certain fixes have to be copied from a release branch to the mainstream development.
  • SPEM Plugin - Support for Software Process Engineering Metamodel 2.0. MagicDraw supports Software Process Engineering Metamodel (SPEM) 2.0. SPEM is a standard adopted by OMG for software development process definition, specifically including those processes that involve or mandate the use of UML.
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Expert Consulting and Tailored Training Services

No Magic consulting provides expert thought-leadership in the areas of systems modeling and simulation as well as knowledge transfer based on a detailed analysis of customer work products and processes. Consulting services are provided on-site or remotely based on the issues involved and arrangements with the customer.

No Magic training can be tailored or customized to address the specific modeling, simulation and analysis needs of our customers to blend theory into practical application. Training provides a foundation for organizations to jump-start learning in MagicDraw, UML, SysML, BPMN, UPDM or modeling in general for modeling language, tool and methodology instruction.

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