CATIA shifts traditional 3D CAD (computer‑aided design) expectations to cognitive augmented design, which fuses modeling and simulation. Leveraging knowledge, know‑how and proven technology to automate design and systems engineering, CATIA is helping to shape a connected world by offering all the features for design of connected objects and experiences powered by cyber‑systems.

CATIA affords an intuitive user experience, powered by 3D, Web services, and mobile and augmented reality technologies. CATIA ultimately allows innovator social communities to collaborate virtually and co‑design experiences. Lastly, through its cyber‑physical systems modeling and simulation capabilities, CATIA is integral to 3DEXPERIENCE-based industry solutions for model‑based systems engineering, enterprise architecture, concept modeling, and ontologies. These solutions enable global industry leaders to develop the “Internet of Experiences” – the smart and autonomous virtual experiences that digitally connect products, nature and life in the real world.

Delivering the Power of Virtual Twin for Architecture, Buildings, Infrastructure, and Urban Planning Projects
Design & Styling
A Unified Industrial Design Workflow Solution
Electrical & Fluid Engineering
A Comprehensive Set of Engineering Roles Integrated in a Seamless Design Process
Enabling Rapid Development of High-Quality Mechanical Products
Systems Engineering
End-to-End Model-Based Solutions for Mechatronics & Software-Driven Experiences 

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Customer Story | Aerospace & Defense

Interstellar Lab

Creating Sustainable Life on Earth and Beyond

Interstellar Lab develops environmentally controlled, closed-loop modules designed for self-sustainable life on Earth and other planets. Combining architecture, agronomy, engineering, product design and science, the company needed an industry-leading platform to support its international and multidisciplinary research teams and empower them to innovate at speed.

3DEXPERIENCE is a game changer for us as we’re able to design and iterate at speed, bringing all our expertise together in one place to come up with the best solutions.

Jim Rhoné portrait
Jim Rhoné
Chief Product Officer, Interstellar Lab

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