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For Construction Engineering companies, productivity and profitability are low in this highly saturated market and profit margins are falling. Buildings complexity is increasing to meet new energy savings and emission targets driven by regulation. Companies are also under stricter safety rules than ever and subjected to financial and even criminal penalties if found to put workers at undue risk.

Only 30% of large projects are within budget, and only half of those are finished within the agreed upon timelines. Skilled people spend 80% of their time on non-added value tasks leading to a dependency on a foreign workforce and thus to major social issues. New cross company teams are built for each unique project, they are using different tools and it makes very hard to capitalize knowledge and know how. Documents and especially 2D drawings are essential in all contractual aspects of a construction project and the exchange of those documents remains the primary way of a poor collaboration between stakeholders while most of other industries has moved from a 2D document-centric approach to a collaborative 3D model-based approach. As buildings and infrastructure are long life assets, the construction phase is only a small part of the impact we can make. Building compliant new infrastructures (green field development) and make existing aging infrastructures to be compliant (brown field development) with system thinking are both mandatory for built environment resilience.


Four Key Approaches for our Construction Challenges:

From Projects in Silos to Productization>Dassault Systèmes

What is Productization?

Productization is a methodology to deliver hyper customized and regionalized efficient construction solutions at scale. It radically changes the construction usual strategy using modular, multidiscipline, and prefabricated design and development concepts.

Today, technology is available to support this radically different approach to construction. This approach uses a Cloud Based Virtual Construction Twin to enable the application of generative, configurable design to the factory construction of modular systems.

How to Maximize Productivity and Efficiency?

In construction, productivity and efficiency are maximized with an intelligent solution that proposes a Systems Engineering Approach addressing end-to-end Multi-Disciplinary Industry Processes. CATIA is 

  • Modular with a Parametric, Template-Based Solution leveraging Knowledge & Know-How Capture & Reuse
  • Generative proposing the most powerful technology for complex shapes and patterns with Generative Design & Precise Geometry
  • Continuous with a seamless Level of Development from Concept to Detailed Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
Dassault Systèmes>the building revolution for a sustainable construction
Dassault Systèmes>building tomorrow

How to Reduce Your Environmental Impact ?

Nowadays, climate evolution and thorough regulations obliges us to take into account the environment with 3 notions:

  • Eco-designed buildings and infrastructure respecting government rules and using carbon neutral materials
  • Lightweight and optimization of manufacturing - bringing less build materials with structural parts following the principles of biomimicry
  • Alternative or recycled material usage to support energy efficiency keeping in sync with ever-evolving regulatory and certification requirements

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[The 3DEXPERIENCE platform] is very tightly integrated with our business model – in fact, I think it’s almost inseparable from it. It has unlocked the resiliency and the customizability that typically has not been allowed in modular construction before.

Assembly OSM - Andrew Staniforth - Dassault Systèmes
Andrew Staniforth
CEO, Assembly OSM

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