Collaborate Beyond the Limits of Traditional Project Delivery Methods

The design and engineering processes for complex buildings and infrastructures project development requires close collaboration among multiple stakeholders and across all project phases. Additionally, increasingly complex construction projects require that all teams rely on CATIA and 3DEXPERIENCE virtual twin technology as a ‘common language’ to facilitate collaboration and reduce rework between phases.

CATIA allows architects, engineers, owners and governments to build and collaborate beyond the limits of traditional project delivery methods, by delivering a range of 3D modeling and experience solutions that span throughout the whole design, engineering and delivery process. This allows for complete digital continuity for diverse project teams on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.


CATIA Construction Key Benefits

Control the Project

Design and engineer complex buildings and infrastructure projects based on 3DEXPERIENCE virtual twin technology

Virtualize the Project

Create high level of detail models fully compliant with industry standards (IFC)

Design and Build the Project

Design for Manufacturing & Assembly, by developing models that conform to prefabrication or industrialized construction methods such as modular or off-site fabrication

Contextualize the Project

Geolocate the model and manage the construction project in the context of the city or territory while associating territory or city planners

Work Smartly

Generate associative 2D documents from the 3D model and extract complete Bill of Materials from the construction model

Collaborate on the Project

Collaborate with all range of external partners and consultants by importing various file types to integrate into the master model

Capitalize on the Project

Capitalize on accumulated knowledge by reusing templates and best practices across all projects, a CATIA specific technology.

CATIA Construction Roles

CATIA Construction software products are packaged as Roles to get you up to speed faster and work more efficiently with all needed applications available at your fingertips. Select a package that corresponds to your role in an organization.

Start Your Journey

CATIA and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is very tightly integrated with our business model – in fact, I think it’s almost inseparable from it. It has unlocked the resiliency and the customizability that typically has not been allowed in modular construction before.

Chun Qing Li > Dassault Systèmes
Chun Qing Li

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