Cameo Systems Modeler ™ is an industry leading cross-platform collaborative Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) environment, which provides smart, robust, and intuitive tools to define, track, and visualize all aspects of systems in the most standard-compliant SysML models and diagrams. The environment enables systems engineers to:

  • Run engineering analysis for design decisions evaluation and requirements verification
  • Continuously check model consistency
  • Track design progress with metrics

System models can be managed in remote repositories, stored as standard XMI files, or published to documents, images, and web views to address different stakeholder concerns.

Key Benefits of Cameo Systems Modeler

No Magic Cameo Systems Modeler  include

  • SysML Requirements Model
  • Support for SysML Requirements diagram
  • Requirements Traceability. Ability to manage traces between requirements and satisfying elements, requirements and test cases, requirements and refining elements and requirements of different levels of abstraction
  • Predefined satisfy requirement and verify requirement matrices
  • Requirements tabular representation view
  • Automated Requirements numbering; requirement numbers active uniqueness check
  • Requirements Versioning control
  • Custom schemes support for requirements versioning and prioritization

Other Benefits of Cameo Systems Modeler

It's used in various industries, including aerospace, defense, automotive, and more, to design and analyze complex systems and architectures.

  • MagicDraw Teamwork Cloud(1) works much like the source code version control system.
    • Every user may instantly obtain the newest version of the model; everybody is allowed to work in parallel on its own part.
    • All designs are stored in a single place, there are no more files that are scattered around in the network; changes can be introduced orderly and without conflicts.
    • Module level versioning control.
  • Merge Plugin(1) enabling copying changes between different project versions.
  • Visual model differencing.

(1) These products may be purchased at an additional cost

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FAQ About our Modeling Software

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