Managing Requirements across Disparate Systems and Locations

Global enterprise stakeholders and development teams in disparate geographical locations face the challenge of maintaining requirements integrity. Requirements data vital to their businesses may be stored in separate repositories and in different formats. The requirements management industry has gone through a series of mergers and acquisitions that could leave company executives questioning whether their data is usable or even accessible into the future. Much of this information could be lost or isolated in custom tools that have reached their end-of-life. Until now, the business world Cameo™ DataHub Circle of Interoperability did not have a single-source solution to lower risks by solving this critical and costly data interoperability challenge.

True Interoperability

Cameo DataHub is an integral part of No Magic's Cameo Suite providing true interoperability to the business and IT market by solving data interoperability issues between different vendors. Many of our competitors advocate interoperability of various vendor tools through a brokered published interface. Rather than forcing reliance on a myriad of vendors to support such an interfacing strategy, No Magic has taken all of the complexity and finger-pointing out of the integration puzzle: No Magic does it all by being your single-source guarantor against multi-source and multi-vendor incompatibility headaches. Technologies from No Magic maintain constant awareness of competitor's proprietary formats and assure continual compatibility between products.

cameo datahub managing requirements > Dassault Systemes
cameo datahub managing interoperability > Dassault Systemes

A Powerful Data Bridge Solution

Cameo DataHub is a powerful data bridge solution that enables the import/export, automatic synchronization and creation of references between MagicDraw®, SysML Plugin, UPDM Plugin, Rational® DOORS® , Enovia™ TRM, and CSV files. Support for other tools/formats/repositories to be forthcoming.

This easy to use tool allows customers to:

  • Unify and relate requirements to the system architecture and design
  • Handle the relationship/dependency and information when change occur
  • Transform data from requirements-to-model or model-to-requirements
  • Associate and synchronize data (both automatic and manual)
  • Monitor data when associated data changes

Business Benefits Overview

  • Lowers the business risks to near zero for both current and future projects by ensuring your data will always be accessible
  • Easier understanding and editing of artifact dependencies via a visual schema mapper
  • Automatic monitoring of ongoing changes that may affect artifacts from either requirements or design
  • Associates and synchronizes tool data - may initiate synchronization either manually or automatically as configured on a per-tool basis
  • Reduces the cost of maintaining consistency
  • Data synchronization for multiple vendor requirements management tools without requiring their being resident in memory or even running on the same platform

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