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3DEXCITE excels at enhancing virtual events with cutting-edge concepts and experiences. By offering captivating product demonstrations through virtual guided tours, attendees gain a comprehensive understanding of product features. Product comparison clinics facilitate informed decision-making, while teaser sessions generate anticipation for product reveals. This approach fosters brand awareness and lead generation, establishing immersive and effective virtual event experiences as a formidable alternative to physical gatherings.

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AUDI Q7 Launch Customer Reference > Dassault Systemes

AUDI Q7 Launch Experience

For the launch of the Audi Q7, 3DEXCITE delivered a visually stunning and innovative Visual Event Experience. Audi’s aim in creating the dynamic product staging for the Q7 was to showcase the luxury SUV in motion using cutting-edge technology for an impressive product experience. Dealers travelled from all over the world to the Audi Training Centre (ATC) in Munich, Germany to learn more about the vehicle.

The scenes were created using 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN software. Three projection elements were needed to achieve the look and feel that Audi was looking for: floor, background and vehicle projection. Dynamic and animated graphics were superimposed on the vehicle bringing it to life while the Q7 was in motion on stage.

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