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The 3DEXCITE Commercial Innovation portfolio empowers brands to create immersive marketing and sales experiences that transcend conventional methods. It connects customers with virtual products to simulate real-world capabilities, fostering dynamic interactions that lead to deeper engagement and informed purchasing decisions.

By streamlining Commercial Experience Governance, Content Creation, and Experience Building, our portfolio provides manufacturing companies with the agility to effectively respond to market demands quickly. Enhance customer engagement and Brand positioning by delivering compelling and contextual products to the market.

The 3DEXCITE 3DEXPERIENCE portfolio is revolutionizing industrial pipelines across eight industries through its strategic approach. Comprising three pivotal stages, this framework enables seamless progression:

Unveiling the potential of virtual counterparts, Commercial Twin Creation establishes a bridge between the physical and digital realms. Companies harness the power of detailed virtual models (Commercial Virtual Twin), enhancing their capacity to adapt swiftly to market dynamics.

Leveraging cutting-edge tools, Marketing Content Creation crafts captivating narratives that resonate with customers. It amplifies engagement through dynamic visual and rich media, resonating profoundly with audiences and creating lasting impressions.

Transcending conventional displays, Product Showcase employs advanced communication techniques for authentic produt storytelling. It not only captivates a broader spectrum of viewers but also conveys intricate product features effectively, fostering understanding and appreciation.

This transformative journey is empowered by 3DEXCITE, which seamlessly integrates within the collaborative sphere of 3DEXPERIENCE. This fusion offers a streamlined pathway, uniting products and commerce within an integrated ecosystem, thus driving innovation and propelling industries toward new horizons.

DELTAGEN, our foundational, legacy product for virtual product design, authoring, and visualization  offers an enriched design experience, allowing professionals to effortlessly craft intricate virtual models and prototypes.

The software's intuitive interface lets users streamline their workflows, saving valuable time in the development process. Its real-time, global illumination rendering engine, STELLAR Physically Correct provides the highest quality visual simulations, rendered images and videos to aid in decision-making and communication across teams. It's not just a tool; it's a catalyst for innovation, enabling industries to bring their concepts to life with unprecedented realism.

As a versatile solution, it caters to automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, and more, revolutionizing how products are conceptualized, designed, and presented in today's dynamic market landscape.

3DEXCITE's legacy as an award-winning industry leader shines through its global network of industry experts, creatives, and consultants. With a rich history of innovation, we understand that business transformation takes on unique forms for different enterprises. In the manufacturing sector, it involves streamlining production lifecycles, enhancing sustainability practices, and putting customers at the heart of operations.

Our role as premium partners revolves around bringing our clients' transformative visions to life. The 3DEXCITE Service portfolio stands as a testament to our commitment. It seamlessly complements our cutting-edge software offerings and serves as a gateway to substantial innovation. From comprehensive consulting to enablement, production, and management solutions, we empower businesses to navigate their transformation journey with confidence.

Explore our dynamic portfolio and step into the realm of limitless possibilities. At 3DEXCITE, we welcome you to a world where expertise, creativity, and visionary partnership converge to drive tangible change.

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