Foundational Excellence based on the Commercial Virtual Twin

Commercial Experience Governance accelerates all go-to-market activities, directly from your product design using the Commercial Virtual Twin. For clients who take the process in-house, we have specialized roles and applications in place to automate the management and lifecycle of product information, ensuring security and accurate communication across all channels. This provides controlled and convenient access to your experience ecosystem. 

Need some assistance? Partner with our experts in Commercial Experience Governance to harness the potential of the Virtual Twin for marketing and sales. Leverage the benefits of product data through a holistic portfolio management approach.


Key Benefits

Create & Operate

Securely transfer engineering data for immersive, human-centric virtual world experiences.

Drive New Business

Extend digital continuity with consistent Virtual Twin connection, delivering hyper-personalized, universal 3D interaction

Compliant & Accessible

Meet product evolution with the correct content and ideal configurations for top-notch multichannel experiences

Inclusive Experience: 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud

Design-to-market for makers, startups, and DIYers with premium, compelling product storytelling for pitching and investing

Commercial Experience Governance Software Offering

Discover our 3DEXCITE packaged Role applications for Commercial Virtual Twin creation and management. Make 3DEXPERIENCE the hub for every experience.

Commercial Experience Governance Services Offering

Connect and consult with our worldwide team of industry and creative experts who are prepared to assist you with creating a comprehensive Commercial Twin, portfolio management, and content deployment.

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Commercial Twin Creation
The Ultimate Reference for End-user Product Experiences
Portfolio Management
The Ultimate Product Showcase 

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