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With the Commercial Virtual Twin as the foundation, standardized 3D content is accessible and deployable. Today's technological landscape offers limitless opportunities to provide essential services to consumers. Set a new standard for consumer experiences by transitioning from product development to public presentation. Fulfill the need for immersive and personalized product interactions to boost adoption, comprehension, and collect behavioral insights for informed and responsive actions.


Key Benefits

Create Impact

Close the the loop between the product and consumer for increased product innovation and customer success.

Be Relevant, Be Everywhere

Equip creative ecosystems in a market increasingly driven by digital services with access to accurate digital product representations and information

The Product is the Experience

Leverage the product as a primary delivery channel. Provide updates, training, marketing, and innovations directly from it.  Product innovators can collaborate and tell their stories in 3D.

Boost Brand & Product Value

Increase product understanding, demonstrate key features, values, and configuration options to drive business.

Commercial Experience Building Software Offering

3DEXCITE Commercial Experience Building software products are applications packaged as Roles to create and deploy next-level product experiences. 

Commercial Experience Building Services Offering

Connect and consult with our worldwide team of industry and creative experts who are prepared to assist you with building benchmark experiences directly from the Commercial Twin.

Explore the 3DEXCITE Commercial Experience Building Categories

Augmented Reality
Rich, Immersive Experiences
An Immersive Entry into the Customer's Offerings
Dynamic Brand Engagement
Virtual Events
A Formidable Alternative to Physical Gatherings
Virtual Reality
Elevate Customer Engagement
Virtual Worlds
Creating Interactive Experiences

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