Rendering New Horizons

One robust and highly-automated visualization pipeline optimizes CAD product data for all your marketing content needs. Convert, prepare, optimize, render, and export data to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, any post-production or content development environment. From game engines and immersive experiences to harnessing the latest in WebGL technology, with this toolset from DELTAGEN, anything is possible.

Key Benefits

Best In-Class Photorealistic Rendering

Accelerate time-to-market: visualize realistic, 3D models before physical products are available

Premium Content for Every Channel

Deliver a seamless customer journey: prepare renderings or product data for any content experience device, or channel whether online, immersive or for classic use-cases

Automated data preparation

Prepare and build a visualization and lightweight digital twin for any device

Seamless Connections

Create incredible brand presence: deliver marketing content for enhanced product experiences implemented locally, or scaled globally. Seamless connectivity with: game engines, CGI pipelines, and visualization stacks.

DELTAGEN 2024x: Unmatched Rendering Precision

DELTAGEN 2024x has arrived, providing an out-of-the-box solution to accelerate workflows and present 3D content at its best. Notable productivity improvements encompass pioneering scripting automation and optimization capabilities. For instance, Python scripts automate UI creation and polygon reduction, and assignment tables now feature a simplified copy-and-paste entry method for seamlessly assigning materials and metadata. DG24x introduces productivity-boosting features that streamline tasks, redirecting focus towards creativity by eliminating redundancies.

Images, videos and experiences look better than ever thanks to rendering upgrades that leverage the GPU’s power and provide greater creative control.

Experience a streamlined process to realize creative visions by leveraging DELTAGEN's collaborative features and integration with the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. 

DELTAGEN 2024x Highlights

Automatic UI

Script capabilities automate UI Creation

Polygon Reduction

Automated model optimization through Python pipeline

Stellar Motion Blur

Perfectly matched motion blur directly from 3D

Multi-Matte Support

Use multiple shadow catchers to enhance lighting

What’s New in DELTAGEN 2024x

DELTAGEN's Python pipeline has been enhanced to support the execution of multiple scripts, for simplified UI creation. This facilitates the creation of a more accessible 3D Master Model review for users with limited knowledge of 3D tools. The Python pipeline now includes automated polygon reduction, empty polygon and B-side geometry removal. Thus, accelerating data optimization prior to delivery to production teams. Assignment table creation is sped up by directly copying and pasting model material and metadata information from Excel or any table-like input source.

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Lightweight VR

With the robust Stellar render engine, DELTAGEN can output stunning stereo panoramas.

The combination of Global Illumination and Stellar’s Physically Based Renderer supports the creation of visually unmatched VR content that can be ported through any VR ready headset.

Stellar’s advanced render settings can also be leveraged to output multiple passes and generate scene variants for use directly in VR experiences. The power of immersive, lightweight VR is in your hands

Boost Performance

Complicated data sets have met their match with DELTAGEN’s Model Optimizer. Massive performance improvements can be gained through the optimizer’s automatic search and deletion of unnecessary part groups and the reduction of a scene-tree’s depth.

Hardware requirements can be reduced by decreasing the scene’s shape count, by combining objects with the same material values. Shadow maps can also be aggregated into large texture atlases to reduce the file count and overhead of unused areas on a shadow texture.

Aggregated shadow textures can be authored further in DELTAGEN & HUB. They can also be prepared for VR, AR or other experiences in game engines using the 3DEXCITE Direct Unity® plugin.


The CG workflow is instantly streamlined and upgraded with DELTAGEN’s native support of XPDMXML files straight from CAD software.

Further linking DELTAGEN to the power of the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, directly import CAD files that include model parts with NURBS, UVs, materials, metadata and complete assembly structures.

Simplify processes and focus more on the work you love, and less time worrying about file compatibility.

Powerful Polygon Reduction

Significantly reduce the polygon count of CAD models, while maintaining high visual quality, with the polygon decimator.

When used in conjunction with the Model Optimizer, data can be quickly and easily prepared for use in gaming engines to create stunning desktop, mobile, immersive experiences and beyond. Further, extend and reuse all digital assets with this versatile functionality.


Render passes are also available in Stellar and Distributed Stellar (DStellar), including:

Diffuse, Specular, Refraction, Reflection, Indirect Illumination, Ambient Occlusion, UV, Normal, Depth, Alpha and Stellar Material ID. Render passes in DStellar extend the capabilities of large content production pipelines that utilize distributed rendering.

Improved Automatic Unwrapping

DELTAGEN’s powerful Automatic Unwrapping feature provides perfect texturing without visible seams, allowing for full material coverage. The result is smooth, gorgeous textures that are indistinguishable from their real-world counterparts.

Shadow UVs also feature automatic unwrapping, making your texturing smoother, more inutitive and higher quality with less effort

Jacketing Configurator

Save time, effort and achieve better model reduction results with refined jacketing techniques.

Define occluders per group or part – rather than by isolating parts one by one – and quickly compare results from different quality settings to determine how to best prepare your data.

Perfect Shadowbaking

Bake shadows at the speed of light with the Stellar render engine. An optimized UV unwrapper, specifically designed for shadow-map generation, adds an uncanny level of realism to product models. To save even more time, when an update to a model is made, shadows only need to be baked for the added or revised part, while all pre-existing shadows require no additional recalculation.

This streamlined approach complements a workflow with the perfect shadow solution – even when working with PDMXML files.

DELTAGEN Converter

Extended CAD Data Conversion: regardless of whether you work together with draughtsmen, product designers or 3D artists: You can open their files simply and directly in DELTAGEN. A multitude of converters ensures that our applications cooperate seamlessly with all established CAD systems. Alongside useful functions, such as the automatic correction of surface normals, there are tools available that allow simple structuring of your files.


Intuitive Product Presentation: present the realtime scene professionally – for product reviews or marketing and sales use cases. Multi-touch navigation makes interacting with a scene as easy as browsing a web page with full variant control and a wide array of features. XPLORE DELTAGEN ensures a perfect presentation scenario and seamless interactions with an audience. Facilitate validation processes and speed up decision-making with direct control of the scene being displayed. XPLORE elevates a product presentation directly from a tablet or mobile device.

DELTAGEN Immersive

Immersive & Stereo Presentation: dive deep into the virtual world and experience 3D realtime models created by DELTAGEN in three dimensional space. Explore, test and present designs interactively from every angle. Make use of a VR head mounted displays or utilize a PC cluster and Scale to provide angularly configured powerwalls and projection environments (CAVEs). The integrated tracking function transmits movement to the camera controls, which allows subjects to navigate through the model and interact with objects. Immersive also allows a dynamic collision detection of animated or tracked objects. In the process, access other modules and, for example, start animations, turn variants ‘on or off’ and create sections. With this approach, making virtual reality part of everyday work is intuitive and feasible.


Virtual Measurements & Sections: regardless of whether you work together with draughtsmen, product designers or 3D artists, you can open their files simply and directly in DELTAGEN. A multitude of converters ensures that our applications cooperate seamlessly with all established CAD systems. Alongside useful functions, such as the automatic correction of surface normals, there are tools available that allow simple structuring of your files.


Rapid Rendering & Scalability: no need to compromise any longer. Now you can render complex scenes at high speed with high quality. Scale allows the computer to control computing units in other workstations via a network and thus divide rendering jobs into packages and allocate them to all the available units. This focuses optimal resources on each task and large data volumes can be processed without having to make compromises in terms of quality. The standard scaling module for DELTAGEN supports up to two GPUs and two CPUs; this capability can be extended to as many as required in order to have flexibility with the presentation medium – from individual monitors up to powerwalls. Scale provides breathtaking results, great efficiency and prime utilization of hardware resources.

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