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3DEXCITE's complete engagement solution combines training, certification, and consulting. We onboard stakeholders into agile workflows for rapid product innovation, offering options for upskilling, partnership, and targeted business operation skills. Our tech experts and industry consultants enhance learning with a rich resource pool. We evaluate your tech stack for content production, distribution, collaboration, and governance. These components collectively expedite innovation and drive workforce transformation for business success.

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Key Benefits

Understand and Enable

Access exclusive training and certification in the 3DEXPERIENCE Commercial Innovation portfolio, with options for both classroom and virtual learning.

Community of Experts

Join exclusive communities for networking, sharing, and exploration. Connect with  peers and experts  worldwide in a friendly and secure environment. 

Evaluate and Assess

Utilize a value-driven methodology to obtain a comprehensive assessment of technology, skills, and business capabilities. Benchmark your commercial fitness to seize opportunities in today's market landscape.

Commercial Engagement Services Offering

Our full-service engagement offering is the secret to unlocking the full potential of your teams to accelerate business operations. 3DEXCITE subject matter experts from every domain contribute to a robust pool of learning libraries, catalogs, and training to ensure your ultimate success.

Our enablement approach is two-fold. We work to successfully onboard your stakeholders to workflows and processes required to perform with agility in fast-moving product innovation environments. And we also evaluate your operational tech stack concerning content production, distribution, collaboration, and governance. When combined, these create the building blocks to fast-track innovation.

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